Friday 15 November 2019

Eva Longoria says she's not pregnant - just bloated from cheese

By Lucy Mapstone

She has spoken about enjoying her food over her idyllic holiday.

Actress Eva Longoria has denied she is pregnant after pictures surfaced online of her looking “fat”, jokingly explaining that she was bloated from eating cheese.

The former Desperate Housewives star posted a series of light-hearted videos on Snapchat, telling her fans that she is enjoying eating and drinking during her holiday in Hawaii and that the unflattering images were down to her being “lactose intolerant”.

She said the images had even prompted her family to call to ask if she is expecting a baby.

In the online videos, she said: “So, I saw some pictures of myself really fat on a boat. I have to tell you, all I did was eat cheese. I ate cheese!

“And everybody’s saying I’m pregnant and I’m not. I was just lactose intolerant, apparently.”

Eva, 42, scanned the camera to show her bikini-clad body in the video, and added: “Today, no belly.”

She said: “I just had to share because my whole family is calling me asking me if I’m pregnant. Yes, I look pregnant but that was just a ball of cheese, ball of cheese in my stomach!

“But seriously, I looked so fat, but you know what? That happens to people, everybody gets bloated.”

Enjoying the last day of her holiday, she added: “I’m not bloated today but that’s pre-pancake. So that’s the news of the day, just eating a lot of cheese, a lot of wine, a lot of pancakes.”

The TV and movie star, who has just appeared in the BBC’s adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s comedy novel Decline And Fall alongside Jack Whitehall and David Suchet, then showed off a plate of pancakes.

Eva has been married to businessman Jose Antonio Baston since last May.

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