Friday 24 May 2019

Eurovision: Is Greece appealing to its Eurozone neighbours with a secret cry for help?

Maria-Elena Kyriakou
Maria-Elena Kyriakou Newsdesk Newsdesk

While Ireland’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest won’t take to the stage until Thursday, ten acts have already made it through to Saturday night’s final.

Among the finalists is Greece, with some asking if the lyrics to its song are a hidden cry for help to its Eurozone neighbours.

One Last Breath, performed by Maria-Elena Kyriakou, begs you (some wonder if this is, perhaps, Germany) to take me (Greece) out of this firing hell.

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“Come back and save me,” she sung.

“What happened wasn’t fair. Nothing left. All that I have is one last breath.”

The first semi-final was aired as Greece is squeezed by international credits to meet the demands of its bailout, or lose it, with Kyriakou taking to the the stage in Austria ahead of the EU summit in Riga on Thursday and Friday.

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Molly Sterling
Molly Sterling

Maybe we’re reading too much in to the Eurovision entry.

Or maybe some will question if our own lyrics are also a cry out to those who bailed us out.

Irish teen Molly Sterling will perform 'Playing with Numbers' before a TV audience of tens of millions during Thursday night's semi final.

“Do I owe you something?,” Sterling sings.

“I think I do. They tied our hands. But I cut through.”

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She later sings that she sees “a debt to be paid".

“And I was playing with numbers,” she adds.

“And I didn’t know what it meant.”

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