Sunday 19 November 2017

Emmett is finally reunited with Katy in Fair City but he's shocked to discover where her loyalties lie

Katy and Emmet in Fair City
Katy and Emmet in Fair City

Sasha Brady

Another shock moment in last night's Fair City as Katy and Emmett were finally reunited but the nightmare is far from over.

Viewers were probably screaming in frustration at the TV when Ciaran moved Emmett into the apartment where Katy has been held in captivity.

So close but yet so far.

Ciaran wasn't taking any chances and locked Emmet into the bedroom. As he kicked the door demanding to get out, Katy ordered him to keep his mouth shut.

She pleaded with Ciaran to let her see her brother and he relented but as the siblings hug, Ciaran looked on with a look of pure resentment on his face.

But before he could do anything he was distracted by a text message from Farrah, showing his packed bags. Keen to talk her around, he left the pair tied up and made his way to Farrah's.

But he wasn't as careful as he thought and along came the moment we were all waiting for... Katy freed herself.

Yes, after 110 years  (11 months) she managed to chew at the tape around her arms and set herself free. But in a shocking Stockholm Syndrome twist, Katy refused to free her own brother.

When Emmet informed her of an escape plan and asked her to untie him fully, she refused. After living as Ciaran's captive for so long she's become blind to his actions. She actually believed that he will keep his word and release them both in time.

Oh Katy... Katy, Katy, Katy.

Emmet, like the rest of us, was stunned at just how loyal Katy has become to her kidnapper.

But there's hope.

Debbie, unlike Farrah, started to sense that Ciaran is full of sh** and up to no good. She knows he's hiding something. When Eoghan checked out Ciaran's story on he was shocked to discover it was false. That confirmed to Debbie that Ciaran knows more about Emmet's whereabouts than he's letting on.

Come on Carrigstown, we're so close now.

Two and two equals four.

Get him.

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