Tuesday 21 January 2020

Emmerdale’s Arthur plays with fire over Emma video

Arthur needs to watch his back where Emma is concerned.

Arthur confronts Emma (Amy Brammall/ITV)
Arthur confronts Emma (Amy Brammall/ITV)

By Katie Archer

Emmerdale viewers will be terrified for Arthur Thomas’s safety when they see him dicing with dangerous killer Emma Barton.

The little boy is confused when he starts looking through his late dad Ashley’s (John Middleton) videos and finds some incriminating evidence about Emma (Gillian Kearney).

She was responsible for a disastrous multi-vehicle pile-up, but managed to trick Ashley – suffering from dementia – into thinking that he was responsible when she realised that he had witnessed her actions.

Arthur is shocked by the video (Amy Brammall/ITV)

But unbeknown to Emma, her manipulation of Ashley was videoed – and now Arthur (Alfie Clarke) has the proof in his hands as he bravely confronts her about making people cry.

However, Emma is not a person to be messed with, leaving fears over Arthur’s safety.

Kearney said: “She wouldn’t think about hurting Arthur, but she knows that the evidence has to be destroyed.

Emma is worried by the incriminating evidence (Amy Brammall/ITV)

“It can’t ever be seen by anyone else in the community.

“But when Emma watches it back, she is horrified by what she sees.”

But the actress continued that she thought her character was a victim of circumstance.

Emma could be bad news for Arthur (ITV)

She said: “She’s been mischievous since she started and it’s just got worse and more extreme.

“But I believe that she’s a nice person who’s just lost her way.

Ashley was manipulated by Emma (ITV)

“She does tend to make things worse for herself, and she has inadvertently caused all of this.

“But it’s only because she was trying to make up for lost time and get her husband back.”

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