Thursday 19 September 2019

Eastenders star Jake Wood confirms he said 'you' after fluffed lines left viewers in limbo

Jake Wood during the scene which caused confusion for viewers
Jake Wood during the scene which caused confusion for viewers
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Jake Wood caused consternation for Eastenders fans last night when he appeared to fluff his lines during a live scene in the final moments.

One scene showed the character Lauren Branning depart in a taxi, claiming she knew who Lucy Beale's killer was. 

However, in a later live scene Wood's character Max Branning, when speaking to his daughter Abi, said either "Lauren knows WHO killed Lucy" or "Lauren knows YOU killed Lucy".

The confusion sent fans into meltdown as they wrestled with the meaning of what he was saying. They promptly took to Twitter in search of clarity.

Wood then took to Twitter himself to clear up the matter with the message,  "For the benefit of the Internet and mankind in general please RT YOU. Thank YOU (see what I did there) #EELive #justthebeginning."

Displaying a healthy sense of humour he then re-tweeted fans who slagged him off for breaking the internet more effectively than Kim Kardashian's bum display for Paper magazine.

However, it's not the first time Jake has had a live mishap. During a previous live episode screened in 2010, he was seen sticking his hand down his throat on camera as his character was supposed to vomit following the death of his son Bradley (video below).

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