Friday 23 August 2019

EastEnders Live director reveals challenges of filming without telling actors the plot

Nick Carter and Peggy Mitchell go head to head at the Vic. Kind of.
Nick Carter and Peggy Mitchell go head to head at the Vic. Kind of.
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

EastEnders Live director Karl Nielsen has revealed the challenges of filming the soap without telling key characters about major plot developments.

This week marks the soap's 30 year anniversary and features episodes with live scenes culminating in an entirely live show on Friday.

However, aside from actors Jake Wood and Jo Joyner's line fluffing and an on-set fire behind the scenes on Tuesday night, the main challenge has been keeping a lid on the 'Who killed Lucy?' plot line .

This mean keeping their identity of hte killer secret - even from the actor playing the killer!

"It's been an interesting experience due to the secrecy," Nielsen told Digital Spy.

"The killer didn't know who they were and in order to keep that secret - which is part of the reason for going live - we were having to work very carefully by censoring a lot of scenes.

"That meant that we would do a scene and the actor wouldn't know where they were coming from or where they were going to in the story.

"It was an added pressure for me to knit it together and find a way to direct them without telling them too much!"

He added, "We have one of our characters turn up at the wedding, and when they arrived they played it as very happy and smiley, but what I knew was that someone very close to them had just told them that they knew they'd killed Lucy!

"That obviously affected how they were going to perform in that scene, so I had to find a way of directing them without giving the story away."

Eastenders Live continues tonight with the return of Dean Wicks and ends tomorrow, Friday, with a fully live show on BBC One.

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