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EastEnders' Jasmine Armfield has a heartfelt message for poor Bex


The star wants to lend some hope and advice to her own struggling character.

EastEnders teen star Jasmine Armfield has urged her own character to speak out about her feelings after discovering that her own auntie had an affair with her boyfriend.

The actress revealed how schoolgirl Bex Fowler will find her sense of trust shattered after she confronted Michelle and learned of the scandal.

But while the relationship between Preston (Martin Anzor) and Michelle (Jenna Russell) going public will spell disaster for Michelle, it will also send Bex into a spiral of her own.

Jasmine, 18, said of her character: “I’d say speak out, don’t bottle it up, talk to someone about it.

“I think for Bex it’s going to be very difficult for her to trust someone again.”

“We’re definitely going to see a more guarded Bex over the next few weeks…I’m not sure it’s something she’s just going to forget any time soon.”

Confiding in anybody will be easier said than done, as the BBC soap continues to see Bex’s turbulent friendship with Louise.

She is also struggling to cope with the loss of her mother.

“I think she really needs her mum,” Jasmine said.

“I think everyone at times needs a hug from their mum and to be told it’s all going to be OK.”

But hope is not lost for the young character, as Jasmine continued: “I think it’s going to help Bex in the long term, though. She’s going to stand up for herself much more.”

EastEnders continues on BBC One at 7.30pm on Thursday.

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