Friday 24 January 2020

Drama hits Fair City as surrogate Sash goes into labour

Orla and Wayne panic they won't get Sash to hospital in time
Orla and Wayne panic they won't get Sash to hospital in time

Gabija Gataveckaite

IT was a night of New Year's drama in Carrigstown as Sash Bishop unexpectedly went into labour with Orla and Wayne 's baby.

Viewers saw a heavily pregnant Sash, who agreed to be a surrogate for the couple, struggling in the drama-filled episode as tensions ran high.

She previously revealed that she plans to leave the town after she gives birth.

It has all become too much for Sash, who warned Orla to get Wayne off her case about leaving.

The couple are looking for a miracle child to provide bone marrow to their son Junior, who has Fanconi anaemia, a condition that can lead to leukaemia.

Things went from bad to worse in last night's episode, when a furious Sash found out that Wayne had asked Laura to persuade her to stay after giving birth.

She told Wayne that Orla had not been straight with him, and Orla claimed that he hasn't supported her, further deepening a divide between the couple.

Sash's contractions begin in the middle of celebrations at McCoy's.

Tonight sees Wayne and Orla panic that they won't get Sash to the hospital in time, with Orla forced to become Sash's birthing partner.

Speaking previously about the emotional storyline, Sorcha Furlong, who plays Orla, told the Herald: "We had a heavy and emotional journey, as we both have children. We wanted to make it as real as possible - there are parents out there who are worrying about their own child.

"You reach into emotional places in your brain that you might not want to go.

"There would be days you'd be crying all day.

"However, we were lucky, because someone always called 'cut'.

"We were portraying this, but there are people living this.

"You want to do it justice and realise just how lucky we were.

"As an adult, you realise the a sick child is the worst thing imaginable."

Elsewhere in Carrigstown, Sharon is devastated as Hayley continues to ignore her after the Christmas Day revelations that Ger is Hayley's mother, not Sharon.


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