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Downton Abbey film script disappeared, says Jeremy Swift


There has been plenty of speculation about a Downton Abbey film over the past year, but when is it going to happen?

Downton Abbey star Jeremy Swift says that filming for a movie version of the TV series should be happening this year, and that the cast had been sent a script that has since “disappeared”.

There has been much speculation about a big-screen version of the hit period drama since it came to an end on Christmas Day in 2015, following a successful six-year run.

Jeremy, who played uptight butler Septimus Spratt in the series, told ITV’s Lorraine: “There is a film script which we’ve all been sent but it disappeared in a Mission Impossible-stylee from our emails. With a little puff.

“It’s supposed to be happening – filming – this year, but it hasn’t been locked down yet.”

He said the “logistics” are causing a problem and that Downton Abbey’s success has meant that “the young ones, Michelle Dockery and people like that, have flown off into the world” to work on other projects.

Jeremy added: “It’s just getting everybody in that same space and time. I think there is a huge appetite for it.”

The show’s creator Julian Fellowes previously said he would like to start filming a movie as soon as possible, but that it is ultimately not his decision.

He told the Press Association: “If it were up to me, I would answer immediately and we would go this afternoon – but it’s not my choice and not my decision.”

Actress Phyllis Logan, who played housekeeper Mrs Hughes on the show – which won a litany of international awards over the years, shared a similar sentiment.

She said: “The will is definitely there with everybody involved. Fingers crossed that we can make it all come about at some stage.

“And we’d love to get back together again and have one last hurrah.”

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