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Don't fret, EastEnders fans - Letitia Dean has not been replaced

There was a bit of a furore about the voice of the actress.

One of the directors of EastEnders was forced to deny that Sharon Mitchell had been replaced by a different actress on the soap after fans were left concerned by a recent episode.

Sharon, played by Albert Square mainstay Letitia Dean, was heard having a phone conversation with Michelle Fowler, played by newcomer Jenna Russell, but viewers quickly took to Twitter to ask why Sharon’s voice sounded different and air their fears that the actress had been usurped.

One fan wrote “that sounded nothing like Sharon”, while another asked: “What DEMON did they get to do Sharon’s voiceover?”

Another added: “LOOL so now they’ve got a fake voice for linda that sounded like the fake voice for sharon nah i’m truly done.”

The director behind the episode later took to social media to confirm that it was Letitia’s voice they heard, quashing their fears.

Kate Saxon wrote on Twitter, in response to an article published online: “It is Sharon Mitchell/Letitia Dean on the phone.

“I directed the episode – including her recording.”

Sharon’s voice being heard on the end of the line was an unusual turn of events for the soap and was part of the reason for the confusion among its fanbase.

Kate then responded to another person on the site, explaining why she filmed the scene with Letitia on the phone.

Kate wrote: “@LnSfan I prefer doing so, as when I’m in a room with someone else on their mobile, I can generally hear the other end of the call.”

In the soap, Sharon is currently on holiday with husband Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), hence her absence from the scene.

Another character absent from the show, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), was heard over the phone in the episode.

Both Letitia and Kellie appeared in the credits at the end of the programme.

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