Wednesday 11 December 2019

Domestic Divas are cleaning up on RTE

Domestic Divas
Domestic Divas

By Fiona Gribben

The presenters of new TV series Domestic Divas are on a mission to help with basic life skills from cooking healthy meals to keeping homes clean and tidy.

The first episode will be shown tonight on RTE One, with bespoke cake-maker Cat Lawlor and author Aisli Madden coming to the aid of Dublin mum-of-two Michelle Dillon, whose six-month-old son has never had a home-made meal.

Michelle is returning to work and was overwhelmed at the thought of juggling her job, family life and preparing nutritious meals.

She says she grew up eating banana sandwiches and never learned to cook.

"It's about getting back to basics and just slowing everything down. Often it's simply a confidence issue because a lot of people did not have the hands-on approach from their parents," Cat (26) said.


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