Saturday 16 November 2019

Diners disgusted by renegade hair swimming in starter as Bobby Kerr mans The Restaurant

A diner finds hair in her starter as Bobby Kerr mans The Restaurant on TV3
A diner finds hair in her starter as Bobby Kerr mans The Restaurant on TV3
Marco Pierre White refuses to accept his dessert. The Restaurant TV3
Bobby Kerr insists it's not his hair. The Restaurant TV3
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Bobby Kerr has a bit of a hairy moment during his stint on The Restaurant on TV3.

The CEO of Insomnia coffee shops and former Dragon's Den fire-breather is forced to defend himself when a diner finds a renegade hair has infiltrated her starter.

"It can't be my hair!  I don't have any hair!" exclaims Bobby and Jo the waitress looks a little sheepish when it's soon deemed to possibly be one of hers.

Kerr, who is recovering from throat and mouth cancer, is the latest big name to tackle a three course meal in an effort to impress judges Marco Pierre White, Tom Doorley and Francis Brennan.

As well as the aforementioned hair, Bobby experiences another blow when Marco refuses to even be served his dessert - 70s classic Crepes Suzette with kumquat marmalade and espresso coffee ice cream.

"Coffee and orange is weird," he says.  Doorley counters with, "I think coffee and orange is lovely."

Both starter and main course chefs Stephen and Gary think Bobby's second starter needs work.  It's quail egg in puff pastry which Stephen says is "pointless" and Gary agrees is "silly" but Bobby is determined to serve it as planned.

Despite the problems, however, Bobby impresses Marco with his hollandaise sauce which is deemed so good Marco orders seconds.

He also impresses some female diners with his barbequed lamb.  One table of ladies even asks the waitress tell the chef they had a "food orgasm".

The Restaurant, TV3, Thursday April 6, 9pm.

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