Monday 23 October 2017

Comment: Heaven help us if Ireland's 'voice of a generation' is Blindboy Boatclub

Blindboy Boatclub on The Late Late Show
Blindboy Boatclub on The Late Late Show
The Rubber Bandits.
Michael O'Doherty

Michael O'Doherty

For the second week in a row, The Late Late Show featured a ridiculous old bag on the interview couch. This time, however, said vessel performed only a supporting role in the shape of Blindboy Boatclub of the Rubberbandits.

Just like Katie Hopkins, BB is a regular guest on the show, but unlike the preening, self-obsessed and universally-disliked Ms Hopkins, Blindboy draws plaudits whenever he appears.

Friday was no exception, with the audience regularly applauding and even cheering the slightest banality uttered by Ireland’s ‘voice of a generation’.

BB’s popularity is as unfathomable as it is widespread, as his insights seem to fall squarely under the general banner of the bleedin’ obvious.

The Rubber Bandits.
The Rubber Bandits.

Men need to stop acting like Neanderthals. Gender equality should be encouraged. Property prices are too high.

Really, Blindboy? Thanks for those piercing insights.

Furthermore, he seems to retain a rather infantile desire to shock and, in the manner of a spotty adolescent who thinks it’s cool to swear in front of his parents, BB couldn’t wait to reveal how his artistic movement goes under the name of “gas c**tism”.

The reason they call it that, of course, is because it’s shocking and it makes them sound “edgy”, a fact that BB explicitly admitted.

“One of the reasons I called it that was I wanted to have an arts movement whose name I couldn’t say on the Late Late, and now it’s gone.”

You could almost sense the palpable disappointment when BB said the ‘C word’ and he wasn’t thrown off the set.

It was, however, just another term, along with ‘neo-liberalism’, to get repeated outings on Friday night, the expressions lobbed regularly into sentences by BB without any explanation, again in the manner of a teenager who’s just discovered Marx and Kerouac and feels compelled to rebel against “the system”.

It may seem churlish to criticise Blindboy when, in his defence, he does seem to be aware of the absurdity of his elevation to the level of social commentator.

Indeed, he honestly admitted that he’s little more than “a clown”, yet that doesn’t stop him from appearing on programmes such as The Late Late Show to further spread his unexceptional thoughts.

What, of course, BB did was nothing more that state the obvious, but because he has a bag over his head he seems to be considered a savant.

While he’s eminently preferable to Katie Hopkins, his regular attendance on the show does make you question what people see in him, other than the surprise that someone who appears to be a total moron should actually be able to string two words together.

Inevitably, outpourings of love followed on Twitter, with people describing BB as “nailing it”, “telling it like it is” and one particularly enlightened man wondering where he could sign up for a degree in “gas c**tism”.

It’s not the emperor’s new clothes, it’s the emperor’s new shopping bags.


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