Tuesday 21 January 2020

Carol Vorderman reveals mother has lost battle with cancer

She announced in March that her mum had been disgnosed with cancer.

By Julia Hunt

Carol Vorderman has revealed that her mother has died following her battle with terminal cancer.

The former Countdown presenter, 56, wrote a message on Twitter saying that her mother’s funeral took place on Monday.

Carol revealed in March that Edwina, who also went by the name Jean, had received the diagnosis.

Edwina had battled cancer in the past.

Carol wrote on Twitter in 2015: “Mum having 3rd cancer op today but this op is minor compared to the previous ones thankfully.

“Mum has had a 3lb ovarian tumour removed (miraculously it hadn’t spread).

“Then she had kidney cancer so half of her right kidney was removed, this time it’s a pretty big malignant melonoma, but mum says ‘goodness me, this is nothing. I’ll be in and out in no time’.

“Scans have shown this skin cancer hasn’t spread either so we consider ourselves lucky children today.”

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