Wednesday 13 November 2019

Can you really buy Britain's Got Talent 'world-class' card trick for just €10?

Magician Jamie Raven on Britain's Got Talent
Magician Jamie Raven on Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent magician Jamie Raven managed to win over the judging panel with a card trick that costs just €10.

Raven (31) kicked off his three minute set with an impressive trick which saw him transform £50 notes into notes from the 'Bank of Britain's Got Talent'.

He followed up with an equally impressive card trick which involved Simon Cowell choosing a particular card and an animated magician drawn on the pack of cards pulling that particular card from a hat.

"I know this sounds crazy but I now actually believe in magic," said Simon.  "Like some people believe in ghosts, I now believe in magic because there's no explanation for that."

Alicia Dixon added, "You are incredible.  I feel we are witnessing the beginning of something special with you." and David Walliams said it was a "world class trick" and "one of the best magic tricks" he had ever seen.

However, the card trick which earned Raven four yeses from the judges can seemingly be bought on Amazon for around €10, here on

Tutorials on how to use the deck are available on YouTube.

Even so, Simon was massively impressed by Raven's delivery and concluded by saying, "Somebody once said to me who I really respect that there are a lot of people who do tricks and there are a few people who actually can do magic and i think we just saw that."

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