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Brian Belo has walked out on Big Brother


Brian Belo enters the Big Brother house

Brian Belo enters the Big Brother house

Brian Belo enters the Big Brother house

He threatened to quit the house last week and now Brian Belo has finally followed through by dramatically walking out.

Brian (27) won the show back in 2007 and made his return last week as one of the four bunker housemates (alongside Helen Wood, Nikki Grahame, and current contestant Marc O'Neill).

He immediately clashed with the other three and threatened to storm out after he felt that Marc and Helen were bullying Chloe.

It is not yet clear why Belo has left but all will be revealed in tonight's show on TV3 at 10pm.

Given his clashes within the house, it's likely Belo simply had enough.

Fans have taken to Twitter to voice their concern over his departure with Helen facing the brunt of their ire.

Brian hit the headlines first time around when he famously asked his fellow housemates, "Who's Shakespeare?"

Before he entered the house this time, he said: "I need to remember to just enjoy it, I'm more grown up and I've scratched up on my literature this time, so I know who Shakespeare is.

"I have been watching the Australian Big Brother and the guy that won it was 27, which is the same age as me, and I wondered what would it be like for me to be in there in my mid-20s."

It is unclear whether Brian's departure will affect this week's eviction.  The eight nominees are all up for the public vote: Cristian MJC,  Sam Kay, Harry Amelia Martin, Simon Gross, Jack McDermott, Joel Williams, Danny Wisker and Nick Henderson.

Chloe Wilburn was not nominated and Marc O'Neill, Helen Wood, and Nikki Grahame are immune.

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