Friday 18 October 2019

'Being told I didn't look like TV material spurred me to shed 10 stone' says Ireland's Got Talent contestant Sharon

Brandon and Sharon will audition again on this week's Ireland's Got Talent
Brandon and Sharon will audition again on this week's Ireland's Got Talent
Sorcha O'Connor

Sorcha O'Connor

A mother who will take to the stage on Ireland's Got Talent on Saturday was once told she wasn't TV material, which prompted her to embark on a weight-loss journey.

Sharon Webb (42) sings with her son Brandon (20). The pair were given a Golden Buzzer during their audition by host Lucy Kennedy.

Sharon, who has struggled with her weight, was around 23 stone at her heaviest.

Since she was 21 she has lost 10 stone, shedding four in the past year alone.

She said she used to be too paranoid to leave her house and join a gym, so she started doing home workouts and concentrating on healthy eating.

"It has been a huge journey. I think being paranoid about how I looked and my weight, it held me back a lot in terms of confidence," the Kildare woman said.

"I went for a singing competition years ago and I got in front of the judges and they said I didn't look like TV material.

"I started making the change myself then. I wouldn't go to the gym because I was too paranoid about my appearance.

"But I started on my own, watching what I ate and doing workouts at home.

"Then I joined Slimming World and that helped immensely.

"I was 22 or 23 stone at my highest. All in all, since I was 21, I've lost about 10 stone. In the last year I've lost four stone.

"I'd say don't give up because it's so worth it - it might take time and it won't happen overnight.

"I still have days I feel horrible, but you have to do it for yourself."

Sharon is excited about her big performance on Saturday with Brandon, who survived a coma after a night out .

"I'd say to anyone, 'Don't give up'. I'm glad Brandon was a fighter, otherwise he wouldn't be here," she said.

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