Monday 18 November 2019

Bear Grylls criticised for leaving his own son (11) stranded on island for 'rescue mission'

Credit: @BearGrylls
Credit: @BearGrylls
In the Jungle: Bear Grylls and Vogue Williams on his ITV programme: 'Bear Grylls Mission Survive'

Freya Drohan

THE British Royal National Lifeboat Institution has slammed tv star Bear Grylls for leaving his young son on the rocks of a private island.

The tv survival expert provoked outrage when he left his eldest son Jesse stranded on the North Wales coast, after he posted a picture to his Twitter account.

Tv host Bear contacted Abersoch RNLI  to ask whether they wanted to use the rocky area where he had left his son, for their weekly training mission.

The RNLI were unaware that they were partaking in a rescue mission.

Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls

Speaking on behalf of the organisation, Gareth Hughes stated, “In hindsight, the child should not have been on the rocks. No one was thankfully hurt, but in his efforts to give the RNLI some publicity this is the wrong kind...'

"The crew tell me they didn't know Bear's son was going to be on the rocks as there is an element of risk. I certainly wouldn't put my young son on those rocks."

"As I understand it, it was supposed to be a low key exercise and I believe no photographs were supposed to be taken.

"But this could also encourage people to do the same which would be unfortunate," he added.

Bear Grylls: Mission to Survive
Bear Grylls: Mission to Survive

Jesse, the oldest of Bear's three sons, was not hurt in the incident which took place during a family holiday on the privately owned St Tudwals Island.

The RNLIs official Twitter account posted a statement after the "joint training exercise" which concluded,

"We've worked with @BearGrylls over a number of years, he's been a great ambassador which we're very grateful for(3/3)"

They added that Jesse was in sight at all times and wearing a life jacket.

Bear's Wild weekend with Ben Stiller
Bear's Wild weekend with Ben Stiller

Bear is currently a celebrity ambassador for the organisation.

Earlier this year, he was criticised for taking sons Jesse, Marmaduke (8)  and Huckleberry (6) on a powered paraglider without safety helmets.

Speaking of his children at the time, he said: “Nothing in this world matters more to me than keeping them safe whilst also helping them to have fun.

“I always try though to help them learn how to manage risks effectively, and understand where the danger always comes from.”

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