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BBC director-general 'upset' by loss of Bake Off to Channel 4


Lord Hall was quizzed by a number of school children as part of BBC News school report.

BBC director-general Lord Tony Hall has revealed he was “very upset” about the loss of the Great British Bake Off to Channel 4.

Lord Hall made the remark as he was grilled on a number of subjects by a group of teenage journalists as part of this year’s BBC News school report.

Alex, 12, Yusuf, 14 and Rima, 14, took the director-general to task over the popular baking show, who would be the next Doctor in Doctor Who, and BBC Three.

Asked if he was upset by GBBO being pinched by Channel 4, Lord Hall said: “I was very upset to lose the Bake Off.”

“We’ll just have to pick ourselves up, and we are doing, and coming up with new things too”, he added.

On whether the next Doctor would be from a diverse background, he replied: “We haven’t chosen a new Doctor Who yet and I am forbidden to say anything about anything to do with who the next Doctor Who may be.”

Speaking about BBC Three’s move online, he said: “We’ve learned a lot from BBC Three … what works online and what works in a more conventional environment.

“I would be very careful about moving more online, but what we know is your generation are consuming stuff wherever you want it to be, on whatever device you are on, whenever you want it.”

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