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Awkward! Jason's accidental golden buzzer sends singing farmer with 'no vocal ability' to semi final on Ireland's Got Talent

The moment Jason accidentally pushed his golden buzzer on Ireland's Got Talent
The moment Jason accidentally pushed his golden buzzer on Ireland's Got Talent
Viva Dance
Double Impact
Martin McGuinness
Martin McGuinness
Airborne Dance Crew
Double Impact
Amy and Izzy
Aaron J
Michelle Grimes
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Jason Byrne accidentally pressed his golden buzzer on Ireland's Got Talent for an act who fellow judge Louis Walsh described as having 'no vocal ability'.

Martin McGuinness (51) is a farmer from Donegal and appeared on stage in a wax jacket and wellies before reappearing moments later as a drag act.

Louis and Denise Van Outen buzzed him out within seconds before Louis went on to press Michelle Visage's buzzer. 

jason drag act.JPG
Jason accidentally pressed the golden buzzer for Martin McGuinness

However, as Denise attempted to press Jason's, he climbed up on the desk to protect it, and accidentally pressed the golden buzzer with his foot - sending Martin straight through to the semi-final.

The golden buzzer is reserved for outstanding acts and Louis was appalled by Jason's choice, accidental or not.

"That is such a waste of a golden buzzer," he said.  "That's a waste.  You cannot pick anybody else for the rest of the series."

louis face.JPG
Louis Walsh was not impressed with Jason's golden buzzer act

"I won't let you down," declared Martin to Jason, but Louis replied, "You will.  You cannot sing."

"Fate just landed me on the button," laughed Jason, who went to join Martin on stage.

"The singing was so bad," continued Louis.  "If Cilla Black heard that version she'd be spinning in the grave."

With Louis, Denise and Michelle all having previously pressed their golden buzzers - for dance troupe Xquisite and singers Evelyn Williams and Linda McLoughlin, there is now only one remaining - host Lucy Kennedy's.

Raising the bar somewhat, thankfully, was rapper Aaron J (24) from Galway, who deeply affected judge Michelle with his self-penned rhyme Show Pain.

Aaron J Harte 1.jpg
Aaron J

Aaron revealed that he suffers from depression and anxiety and had a tough upbringing as his mother was addicted to drugs and he grew up homeless.

“Me and my mother...we would sleep in parks and at the back of shopping centres, wherever there was a bit of warmth really," he said.

After his performance, all four judges were impressed and Michelle said, "This one hit me.  I'm a mother of a kid with depression.  It's a brutal thing for anybody to have to go through especially a child that thinks they're alone."


All four judges gave him the thumbs up, sending him through to the next round. 

"Do you know what, I've said it before, I struggle normally with rap music because I can't understand the lyrics, but I understood every single word.  It got me right here.  I absolutely loved it," said Denise.

Louis added, "I just wasn't expecting that.  It was quite incredible.  You've definitely got something special.  You're very brave and very honest."

Another singer who earned four yeses from the judges was Michelle Grimes (22) from Limerick, who was previously a member of Office Girls in the UK, singing in front of 20,000 people for Pride in Trafalgar Square before the group disbanded and she moved home to Ireland.

Michelle Grimes 7.jpg
Michelle Grimes

"The highs were so high but the lows were low, low," she said of her time in Office Girls.  The band auditioned for X Factor, getting to bootcamp, but Louis didn't appear to remember Michelle after her performance, commenting that he was surprised she didn't have a break before this.

"She is a popstar," he said, "She's an Irish popstar.  We need more Irish popstars.  You've got a very distinctive voice which is a good thing.  You tick all the boxes for me."

She got through with four resounding yeses.

The only standing ovation of the night went to Double Impact, dance duo Syesha Byrne Murphy (9) and Kyle Hawe (12), contemporary dancers from Tallaght were were incredible.

Kyle and Shyesha 21.jpg
Double Impact

"I'm actually quite speechless because that was just so incredible," said Denise.  "Every movement was fluid.  It was lyrical.  It was just absolutely beautiful to watch.  I couldn't take my eyes off you.  It was sensational."

Louis also said he was "speechless" and the delighted duo got four easy yeses. 

Airbourne Dance Crew 6.jpg
Airborne Dance Crew

It was also four easy yeses for Dublin's Airborne Dance Crew while Ballroom dance troupe Viva Dance, from Dublin, also got through, but with three yeses after an undecided Jason was persuaded to send them through.

Viva Dance 14.jpg
Viva Dance

The Trinitones, an acapella choir group from Trinity College also impressed the judges, despite admitting they've had "rotten eggs and tomatoes thrown at us before". 

Jason joked, "I love watching posh people work.  I mean, being honest as an Irish man, it started out annoying.  What are these guys in Trinity going to do with their dickie bows?"

He added, "The humour was highly enjoyable lads.  On behalf of Ireland I'd like to thank you for being clever and attending Trinity College."

Trinitones 15.jpg

The episode also saw the first animal acts of the series.  Unfortunately, they didn't make it through.

Kevin Lawlor (39), an electrician from Blanchardstown, appeared on stage with his parrot Escobar, who is a talented singer but got stage fright on the night.  When he refused to even say hi let along sing, Denise pressed her buzzer and scared the poor bird, who then flew off around the studio before settling on a child's shoulder. 

Escobar and Kevin Lawler 9.jpg

Here is evidence that Escobar can actually sing, when he's not under pressure on stage:

Izzy the Beagle also failed to impress with her owner and best friend Amy, from Cork.  When Denise criticised the standard of their act Amy said Izzy performs much better at home and it was her first time in front of an audience.  Thumbs up to Izzy for cuteness, however.

Amy Flanagan and Izzy 5.jpg
Amy and Izzy

Tommy Barker (49) is a puppeteer from Galway, and he appeared on stage with his 'dog' Jub Jub which looked suspiciously like the head of a mop. Unfortunately Jub Jub and Tommy didn't get through, but Jason absolutely loved the act.

Tommy Baker 7.jpg
Tommy Baker

Ireland's Got Talent, Saturdays, 7.30pm on TV, followed by Ireland’s Got Mór Talent at 8.30pm.

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