Saturday 16 November 2019

'Ask an unemployed angel to help you' - viewers bemused by Lorna Byrne's advice on the Late Late

Lorna Byrne on The Late Late Show, RTE One
Lorna Byrne on The Late Late Show, RTE One
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Lorna Byrne made a return to The Late Late Show studio on Friday night and advised people to ask 'unemployed angels' to help them with everyday tasks.

As viewers eagerly anticipated the announcement of RTE's Exit Poll results on the referendum on the Eighth Amendment, host Ryan Tubridy chatted to Lorna, who has written another book about angels.

Lorna says she has been seeing angels since she was a baby and described them "tumbling down from the heavens and yet they land on their feet".

Lorna has written several books about her experiences, the latest of which is Prayers from the Heart.

During her interview with Ryan she revealed that there are unemployed angels who "help us with trivial things".

"When I'm giving a talk to a crowd I always tell them you know to ask for an unemployed angel to help you with the everyday things," she said.

"They are mostly always dressed in a type of white clothing, but sometimes when you see a group of people going down the street and you see these unemployed angels just swirling in and out between them trying to get the person's attention or trying to say to them to slow down, watch the step there, or sometimes even helping somebody carrying a bag."

She added, "I believe now we can't do anything now without the help of the angels".

Viewers reacting on social media were a little bemused by Lorna.  Many were impatient to hear the results of the Exit Poll which was announced at the end of the show after the interview with the author.


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