Monday 20 May 2019

Aoife loses it on Fair City tonight as gardai hunt Karen's murderer

Aoife is in denial about Karen's death
Aoife is in denial about Karen's death

Sean O'Grady

Things go from bad to worse on Fair City tonight as Aoife's obsession over who killed her daughter Karen grows.

Aoife has become frustrated at the lack of progress by gardai and vents her rage at them, while the detectives try to reassure her they are doing everything they can.

Robbie, who Aoife tried to convince to go to Belfast with her before Karen's murder, is thrown when she makes a threat against Sean to confess.

Robbie starts to doubt that Sean is the one who killed Karen, but he doesn't know what to think when he learns Sean panicked and fled the park after he found her body there.

Thinking it over, his suspicions turn to Oisin as the culprit, and he tries to convince Aoife that Sean is innocent.

He later plays with fire when he makes a veiled threat against Oisin in a heated conversation with his father Paul.

Elsewhere, Wayne's fears about being linked to Karen's murder have grown even worse.

Orla is thrown when a detective tells her that he is aware she had a public argument with Karen and threatened to kill her in the lead-up to her death.

She panics even more when the officer makes a comment about how clean Orla and Wayne's kitchen is, after Wayne scrubbed the place down to get rid of Karen's blood and then convinced his wife to keep her mouth shut about it.

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Meanwhile, Decco and Kerri-Ann's marriage troubles continue with him asking his wife to leave town.

"It's been great filming this whole storyline," said actress Jenny Dixon of the endless turmoil between her character, Kerri-Ann and Decco.

"It's been tense, emotional and exciting with lots of twists and turns."

Meanwhile, an Irish bookmaker is giving odds on who the Fair City killer is with Oisin and Orla the lead suspects at 7/4.

Carol Foley is also firmly in the frame at 3/1, while Karen's ex Sean, despite being her mother's main suspect, is at 7/2.

Fair City airs tonight at 8pm on RTE One

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