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Andy Quirke reveals he doesn't know what to do without Rik Mayall for series two of Damo & Ivor


Rik Mayall featured in series one of RTE comedy show 'Damo and Ivor'

Rik Mayall featured in series one of RTE comedy show 'Damo and Ivor'

Rik Mayall featured in series one of RTE comedy show 'Damo and Ivor'

Working with Rik Mayall was like a dream come true for Andy Quirke, and the actor was a "huge part" of plans for the second series.

The comedian brother of Wes Quirke managed to land the legendary Young Ones actor to play the part of his father in his hit RTE comedy Damo & Ivor.

He and co-writer Jules Coll said they couldn't believe their luck when he accepted the role of Ivor's loaded father Alastair - and it was a part he relished.

Andy said they always had Rik in mind when it came to the role, but they thought he was "out of their league".

Jules said she had been a fan of the British star since she was only 12 or 13 years old and knew him from comedy shows such as Bottom.

"We weren't even chasing the dream. We thought, 'that's completely out of our league'. We were struggling a bit to cast his father and we said, 'Here, we'll just go for it'.

"Louise Kiely our casting director then said, 'He's going to do it'.  We couldn't believe it.

"He was my all time hero.  it was the best moment of my life," she explained.

She said they first met Mayall in the Beacon Hotel and were instantly bowled over by him.

"Instead of shaking his hand I said I feel like I should bow and curtsy," she said.

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Andy told the Ray D'Arcy show how the actor had only just received the scripts for series two last weekend.

"He had agreed to do series two.  he was mad to go for it," he continued.

Andy, who said they don't know what they're going to do now about series two, added how getting to work with him on series one was a total eye-opener for him.

"He doesn't take any breaks between takes.  Once he's in there working, he's working.  He's always trying to think of different ideas the whole time.

"He came over a day early before filming started and literally broke down all the characters and asked me a million questions.

"He goes into a massive amount of detail," he said. "I had never seen anyone do that before, he was a pro."

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