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Amanda Brunker to get Botox live on the Late Late Show


Amanda Brunker

Amanda Brunker

Amanda Brunker

The rise in the use of botox and fillers by Irish women will feature on the Late Late Show this Friday.

Herald columnist Amanda Brunker will feature on this week's show to discuss the topic before undergoing a procedure in which anti-wrinkle jab botox will be administered.

And a member of the audience will have lip filler administered.

The live cosmetic procedures, which will be performed by a qualified GP, will be part of the item about such treatments in Irish society today.

Host Ryan Tubridy will chair the discussion.

Experts who will feature claim 95pc of their clientele who seek such cosmetic work are female.

They claim demand is climbing year on year.

Anecdotally, they will say that women in their 20s are undergoing their procedures in a bid to look like celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

Women in their 30s are using treatments such as botox and lip fillers to "slow down the ageing process", industry insiders have said.

At the height of the Celtic Tiger some clinics were reporting up to a 200pc rise in patient numbers year-on-year. Commercial clinics dominate the market, with around eight major players and over a dozen smaller operators. In 2015, estimates valued the industry in excess of €50m and growing.

This figure is expected to increase further for 2016. The rise of social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram is thought be behind rising demand globally.

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