Friday 22 November 2019

Alan Hughes: 'Amanda Byram isn't doing a breakfast show in Ireland, not while I’m on TV'

Amanda Byram hosting RTE’s Dancing With The Stars. Picture: KOBPIX
Amanda Byram hosting RTE’s Dancing With The Stars. Picture: KOBPIX
Alan Hughes

Sean O'Grady

Alan Hughes has said Amanda Byram has little chance of making a rival breakfast show on Irish TV while he is on Ireland AM.

Dancing With The Stars host Amanda recently revealed that she had pitched an idea for a “feisty” morning show.

“I was pitching the idea of a ‘Big Breakfast’ for Irish television the other day. I’d love something fun and feisty on Irish TV in the mornings,” she said.

However, Alan does not think RTE could ever overtake Ireland AM’s dominance of morning TV, no matter who was presenting it.

Amanda Byram and Alan Hughes on TV3
Amanda Byram and Alan Hughes on TV3

But the broadcaster admitted that he would not mind seeing them try.

“We own breakfast. RTE will never do a breakfast show, I don’t think. I don’t think there’s any chance of that. I mean, bring it on,” he said.

“Amanda doing a breakfast show in Ireland isn’t going to happen, not while I’m on TV I don’t think, just because we are such a dominating force at the morning time.”

Incidentally, Amanda knows a thing or two about breakfast TV – she was the first host of Ireland AM in 1999 alongside Mark Cagney.

Amanda Byram on Channel 4's Big Breakfast
Amanda Byram on Channel 4's Big Breakfast

Alan was also working on the show at the time.

She left TV3 in 2001, and was soon presenting Channel 4’s Big Breakfast. She has since described it as one of her favourite jobs to date.

The Castleknock woman became a regular face on Irish television again when she began hosting hit series Dancing With The Stars, and also has a new online series with RTE Player.

If Amanda manages to make breakfast TV with RTE, Alan said Ireland AM has nothing to fear.

“We had a big meeting recently about the extra half hour and they showed us that the ratings are amazing. Things are bigger and better,” he told the Herald.

“We’re going to be doing a lot of stuff that will be announced in September. It’s all positive.”

Alan revealed he was asked to take part in Dancing With The Stars, but had to turn it down because of his commitment to his pantomime productions with husband Karl Broderick.

“I only saw bits of it. I was asked to do it, but time-wise with the panto, I just couldn’t. I would have been working 24 hours a day,” he said.

The TV3 host reckoned he would never be able to take part in the dancing show unless it was moved to a different time of the year.

“I can never do it because of panto. If it was on during the summer, I would jump at the chance to do it,” he said.

“It’s glitzy and they all did a great job on it.

“I was sorry Katherine Lynch got kicked off because she really put her heart and soul into it.” 


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