Sunday 22 July 2018

'A very cowardly action by a very cowardly man' - Elaine Crowley hits back at troll who calls her 'overweight, lonely, cynical, miserable bint'

Elaine Crowley hits back at troll
Elaine Crowley hits back at troll
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

TV3 presenter Elaine Crowley has hit back at a troll who sent a vile message to her personal Facebook account.

On Monday the panel on her daytime show on TV3, 'Elaine', discussed the statistic that almost half of all women and girls suffer online abuse.

Following the show she received the message to her personal Facebook account from a man using the name John, which she read out in full on Tuesday's show.

"I wasn't going to mention this but I got a bit cross when I came off air yesterday," she told viewers.

"I'm going to go through it and, listen, if you don't like me, you don't like the show, there's absolutely no problem - you can turn the television off.  I won't be offended.

"But sometimes people can get a bit personal and it's not very nice."

Elaine read the message, which began, "You have to be the most intolerable yoke I have ever had the misery to listen to on a tv. It's sad how miserable you come across."

She responded, "In my defence it was a Monday and I'm never very good on Mondays.  And to be fair, Waterford had beaten Cork the day before so I wasn't perhaps my effervescent best".

The man's message continued, "Your negative attitude towards women who are more attractive than you is really unforutnate.  You are an over weight lonely (though you don't know it) cynical miserable bint."

Addressing the overweight comment, Elaine said, "That is true.  My BMI is above what it should be."

john message.JPG
Elaine posted the message to the official TV3 'Elaine' Facebook page

She continued, "I'm not sure what a 'bint' is but I shall look it up in the Urban Dictionary.  I can be a bit cynical and, as I said, the misery might have had something to do with Cork being beaten in the aul hurling."

Elaine read the next excerpt from the message, "You brag about being single and busy and loving it... but you dont address the fact that you are single because of you , the busy part I will never understand quite frankly.  I wouldnt hire you do hand out Menus in a back alley greasy spoon.!!"

"I wouldn't either," responded Elaine.  "I was a waitress once to be quite honest in Jersey and I was sacked after three days.  I'm not a very good waitress.  My talents lie in other areas but I'm glad you pointed that out."

Elaine continued to read what John wrote, "The worst s**t I have ever heard comes out of your mouth".

"I do take exception to that," she responded.  "We're on the brink of war at the moment with Donal Trump going nuts over in the States plus the fact all the nazi stuff going on around the world so if what I'm saying is the most offensive thing you've ever heard you clearly need to watch more TV channels.

She added, "Watch the news for a bit.  How's that for an idea?"

The final part of John's message was the bit she said she took most exception to.  He wrote, "A bear wouldn't hug you, purely because he couldn't get his arms around you and bears can tell when someone is full of s**t."

"I love bears, bears love me," joked Elaine.  "I don't hang around with them all the time, the ones out in the wild.  They're not normally native to Ireland."

She showed viewers a photo of her hugging a koala bear before continuing, "I did once get hugged by a bear.  Technically speaking it's a marsupial but he looked quite happy to be there, snuggled up to my heaving bosom for a while.

elaine koala.JPG
Elaine Crowley hugging a koala bear

"I'm not sure if you've ever been snuggled up to a heaving bosom, John, but that's what it looks like."

She concluded with, "I would imagine that you're not a very happy man if you have to spurt such hate out at somebody that you've never met, that you don't even know. 

"And God knows I can be annoying.  I annoy myself on air sometimes but maybe I would strongly suggest to you to find something else to do with your time than attacking people you don't know online because you can be damn sure if this is what you're sending me you're sending it to other people and other people might not be as resilient as I am at the moment and that might tip other people over the edge.

"It's not nice to be doing something like that, so just think a little before you send your little messages out."

She added that she had tried to engage with the troll on Facebook but he had deleted his Facebook account or blocked her.

"So you sir are a bit of a coward," she said, "I hope you have a happier life than you have had so far."

Elaine posted the man's message to the official TV3 'Elaine' Facebook account and many viewers expressed their disgust at his message while offering the presenter their support.

You can watch Elaine's monologue HERE

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