Tuesday 23 October 2018

10 things we learned from Celebrity Operation Transformation

Gerard Kean gets down to business in Operation Transformation
Gerard Kean gets down to business in Operation Transformation

Chris Wasser

The first episode of the Celebrity Operation Transformation was on Wednesday night and we got to know the contestants a bit better

Gerald Kean should probably worry more about his wardrobe than his weight…

Elaine Crowley
Elaine Crowley

Forget about the secret chocolate stash, the cigars and the fact that this man dines out more times a week than most of us do in a single year. It’s the suits we have a problem with, folks. My God, the bloody suits would blind you (they come in all different colours and varieties, too, including pink tartan).


Brenda Donohue
Brenda Donohue

When the producer yells ‘action’…

What they really mean is ‘eat’. Yep, if there’s one thing we learned from each team member’s introduction, it was that there’s no better way to inform the viewing public that eating makes you put on weight than showing people eating and talking about, well, putting on weight. Karl Spain with his yummy chocolate biscuits; Katherine Lynch and her tasty red wine; Brenda Donohue and her delicious buttery toast, etc. Bit stagey, no? Crikey, they even played UB40 to go with the wine bit. We get it. Food. Is. Evil. Next you’ll be telling us that water makes you wet…

Katherine Lynch gets tearful on the show
Katherine Lynch gets tearful on the show


Brenda Donohue’s parents are adorable

“We won’t run with her, now, or do any of the jumping jacks”… But, you know, Brenda’s parents are totally rooting for her. From the couch. Obviously. Still, they’re pretty cute – almost as cute as Brenda’s One Direction mug (you thought we didn’t notice that, didn’t you, Brenda…).


Katherine Lynch’s swimming attire probably won’t catch on…

Katherine Lynch wore high heels to the swimming lesson. Red High heels. Yep, she’s definitely taking this training lark seriously. But, then, the ‘follow me’ T-shirt was a nice touch, and she did lose a lot of weight in her first fortnight, so…oh, we forgot what point we were trying to make.


People being told how much they weigh on national telly is embarrassing…

And depressing. And scary. And humiliating. Poor guys. All of the participants, according to our medical experts, came in obese, and that’s not good. You can imagine their reactions.


The psychologist’s name is Eddie Murphy…

And nobody made a big deal out of this. Nobody. Not even Karl Spain. We’d have been so full of jokes, they’d have probably kicked us out in the first week.


Gerald Kean’s Florida training montage would put Rocky to shame…

The headband, the sweat, the rock choons. Looking well, my man. You don’t need those suits.


Too much exercise is bad for you…

Gerald Kean lost 1 stone and 3 pounds in two weeks. Fitness coach Karl Henry was worried. “You’re plotting your own course – it’s a course for disaster”, said Karl, who was concerned that Kean was overdoing things slightly. Jaysus, you can’t win, lads.


Gerald Kean’s training tagline is, like, super catchy…

“Follow Gerald Kean, the plan to stay mean and be keen about being lean!” At least, we think that’s what he said. Honestly, we’ve rewound the clip half a dozen times already and we’re still not sure. A complete tongue-twister.


Karl Spain gets up late in the day and ham sandwiches aren't great for you

And makes cheese and ham toasties for lunch. Every. Single. Day. We picked the wrong career.

Processed meat shouldn’t be part of your daily food intake, apparently. Seriously, the experts warned Karl to cut down on his (and our) favourite snack. Boll***s.

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