Monday 20 January 2020

10 moments of note in Game of Thrones season 7 second trailer

Game of Thrones trailer
Game of Thrones trailer

Christopher Hooton

HBO dropped the second proper trailer for Game of Thrones season 7 last night, featuring tons of new footage and some very spoilerific scenes.

There are some stunning shots in the two-minutes-eight-seconds teaser, which visits pretty much every major character still in the show.

Here are some moments of note that we see:

Bran Stark and Meera Reed finally reaching the Wall, its gate appearing to open and let them in.


Jaime Lannister walking past a dead Tyrell man, presumably in Highgarden.


Daenerys claiming Dragonstone, ripping down an old Stannis Baratheon banner in the castle.


Tyrion looking very serious - is he having second thoughts about allying with the slightly despotic Daenerys?


Bran warging as a raven and flying over an army of white walkers. The Night King appears to sense the bird, suggesting some sort of cerebral connection between Bran and the wight leader.


Beric Dondarrion wield a magical flame sword! He's wearing furs, so it seems Beric and the rest of the Brotherhood without Banners have headed north to join the fight after all.


Jaime riding through a fiery battlefield, Lannister flag ominously ablaze in the background.


King Jon Snow leading his army in what looks to be an epic battle.


Dragon getting BIG (look how tiny Daenerys looks on top of him).


Sansa saying in voiceover: "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives." Who is this lone wolf she speaks of? Surely Jon Snow won't die again? Perhaps it's the Machiavellian Littlefinger whose days are numbered?

Finally, a badass shot of Jon cutting down a walker.


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