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The Soapbox: Public scraps and united fronts

CORONATION STREET: Neil's plan to woo Andrea backfires after he nicks Tim's ladder and scales the side of the Rovers declaring he'll jump. Andrea, incensed, climbs the ladder, only to be left dangling from a bit of guttering. Elsewhere, Kevin's clocked staring wistfully at Sally; Gail forces Michael to get his ticker checked, while Jam gets seven shades pummeled out of Peter in jail.

EMMERDALE: Megan is still being questioned by police over 'poisoning' Noah, while Declan suggests a break away in a 'remote' cottage to Charity. Needless to say, the 'break' proves far from relaxing - especially considering the amount of people who manage to find the cottage. Priya confronts Jai and Leyla over their affair; Vanessa and her schoolboy lover decide to go public; Adam heads to his sentencing, and Aaron threatens to expose Edna's secret.

FAIR CITY: It all gets a bit too much for Sean and Farrah as a public scrap ensues to which friends and family gather. As for Max, well he's pulled as taut as a guilty person can be...

EASTENDERS: Nobody loves returning to the square more than Ronnie Mitchell, and she's particularly enthused reappearing now that she's clearly pregnant with Charlie Cotton's child.

ROS NA RUN: After being roped into yet another run for Seán, Mack is left with a stash of drugs that Nidge would be proud to call his own.

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