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The Soapbox: Exploding caravans and imploding dreams

FAIR CITY: Max is still trying to woo Farah back after the revelation that he left her father for dead, and - shockingly enough - she still wants a baby with him. Thing is, Max isn't ready. THAT might just be the deal breaker, but then again, women in soap will generally put up with anything to keep the man they love. Incensed by Bob's insinuations, Dr Jim threatens to expose his brother's secret past, while Jane informs Niamh that she spent the night with Michael…

Emmerdale: Katy and Andy's farm dreams go up in flames along with their caravan and possibly their marriage -especially now that Andy's agreed to be Robert's best man. But on the upside, Aaron announces to Katie that she's right about an affair and he's ready to spill - on Robert's wedding day. Val is hellbent on cementing Tracy and Sam's relationship for some reason, while Ross pins Pete down and demands a reason why he's not a fan of their mother.

Coronation Street: The Talented Mr Ripley - a.k.a. 'Gandy' - has a knickerfit when his ex arrives to the re-opening of the Bistro armed with a load of plants. Callum seems hellbent on seeing more of Max, and so he gets his solicitor involved and asks Katy out on a date. Norris stabs Simon's football, which sends Maddie over the edge, and Michelle and Liz have a gob off for most of the week.

EastEnders: Mick and Linda's case suffers a major setback when they are informed by the police that it could take another six weeks before they can even consider charging Dean. On the upside, all of Dean's salon staff start quitting. But that's cold comfort for Mick, who decides to drag his bruvvah off to the allotments where they have a little chat in their very best winter coats.

Ros na Rún: Frances' past rears its head while Evan loses the rag...

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