Monday 18 February 2019

The reason Dermot Bannon's wife opted to take his name when they married is not quite as romantic as you might expect

Dermot Bannon
Dermot Bannon Newsdesk Newsdesk

DERMOT Bannon's wife opted to take his surname after they wed - but not for the reason you might expect the architect has revealed.

It was a practicality or an "accident" which saw his wife Louise become a Bannon it seems.

"What happened was we were going on holidays to America at the time and she had booked the tickets in 'Bannon by two'. When it came to issuing the tickets the cost of changing the name back to her actual name was too much," he said.

"It was easier to get her passport changed than it was to pay the upgrade on the fare.

"It was an accident," he conceded.

The issue of whether or not women should consider taking their husband's name after marriage was subject to debate on the Claire Byrne Show on Monday night.

Research carried out on behalf of the show by Amarách Research asked: "Are women betraying feminist values by taking their husband’s name?"

An overwhelming 90pc of respondents answered no with only 5pc of those surveyed saying yes.

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