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‘The priest will have a heart attack if he sees them puppies hangin out’ – Say Yes to the Dress Ireland might be the best version yet

BIG DAY: Peter Kelly features on new RTE2 show
BIG DAY: Peter Kelly features on new RTE2 show
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Fans of TLC’s hit series Say Yes to the Dress will know the format well, and Ireland’s version, which kicked off on RTE2 tonight, stuck rigidly to that tried and tested formula.

Three brides-to-be on the hunt for their dream wedding dress are accompanied by their entourage for a consultation at a luxury boutique with experienced bridal consultants. 

After trying on various pricey gunas and being critiqued by their crew they either say Yes to the Dress or not.  In the Irish version they’re aided in their decision by wedding planner Franc (Peter Kelly).

What differed with the first episode, however, and other series was the sense of humour.  You can’t beat Irish cailins and their mammies for the bants.

Here are a few things we learned from the first episode:


Irish mammies are gas

Cora Anne Collins (30) from Kerry brought her mum Goretti who received a kiss on the cheek from Franc after he complemented her on her beautiful baby blues.

“I won’t wash for a month,” she quipped.

When Cora Anne tried on her first dress she liked it but told bridal consultant Janice, “We’ll have to see what mammy says first.  She might hunt us back in here.”

Cora Anne was right.  “You’ve put it on back to front,” said Goretti, criticising the style.

However, Goretti loved the next dress.  “10 out of 10. I love it.  I love the colour and the fact that she looks like a little girl in it.  It’s just beautiful.”

Cora Anne told her to remember it because she wasn’t going to see her in it again.

“She’s well reared,” said Goretti.  “All she needs now is to stamp the foot.”

Elsewhere, bride to be Mairead Brady (27) from Cavan brought her two friends Aishling and Georgina, as well as Aishling's mum Josie.  Mairead tried on several dresses before Josie, growing increasingly impatient, tackled Franc, “How many hours do we have to wait before we pick a dress and put her into it because that last dress was ridiculous.”


Sisters will always tell it like it is

If you want to know if your bum really does look big bring your sister whether it’s your sister by birth or your lifelong BFF.  When Mairead emerged from the dressing room in a gown with a plunging neckline, making the most of her assets, her friend Aishling said, “The priest will have heart attack when he sees them puppies hanging out.”


There will be tears

As backstories are revealed things can get emotional and SYTTD Ireland is no different.  Cora Anne was thinking of her late father; “He was very special to me.  I’m an only girl and we were best friends.”  When she finally found her dress, mum Goretti said, “You won’t be paying for the dress.  Your dad will be paying.  He’d love to be here and saying, ‘Christ tis beautiful!’”  As if that wasn’t emotional enough Cora Ann added, “I’m never going to see him again or having him to be part of anything but for him to be a part of that on the big day is very special to me, very special.”

There were tears also for Mairead, who revealed she had lost five stone in a year but her “head hasn’t caught up my body in terms of the weight”.  She seemed genuinely surprised to see herself looking radiant as a bride, exclaiming “Oh my God, shit!” before adding, “I’m getting all teary now, feckin eejit.”

No more than the rest of us Mairead.


Budgets will be blown

A regular occurrence on SYTTD, whatever the location, is the blowing of budgets.  Brides often fall in love with gowns far more expensive than they had anticipated.  However, for bride Eimear Duffy (31) from Dublin, her mum Veronica was paying and she was her own worst enemy.  She declared the budget was €3000, a cool €500 more than it had been “when we got out of the car”, according to Eimear. 


Seal claps are a thing

Nothing shows enthusiasm more than a seal clap, apparently, so when Eimear fell in love with her dress, she was reluctant to commit as she hadn’t “heard a seal clap yet”.  Her entourage duly obliged and Eimear and Franc knew the dress was The One.  “Once I hear the family seal clap I know this is the dress,” he said.  Indeed.


The proposal stories will be interesting

When the proposal story is included in the edit you can be sure it’s a good one.  Mairead’s farmer fiancé Philip proposed to her with a pair of wellies.  He hid the ring in one of them and told Mairead to fish about for something inside it.  When she found the ring, he proposed.  She brought the wellies to her appointment to try on with her dress.

  • Say Yes to the Dress, RTE2, Mondays 9.30pm.

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