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Wednesday 22 May 2019

The Late Late Toy Show 2015 - most magic moments from dead pony songs to brother and sister loveliness

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

As usual the Late Late Toy Show was choc full of golden moments, thanks in the main to the brilliant personalities of Ireland's kids. From hilarious unscripted songs about dead ponies to a child being poked in the eye to a genuinely heartwarming moment as a brother and sister sang together, it had a little bit of everything. Here are our top moments from the show...

Tubs' twinkle toes

Fair play to Ryan Tubridy.  You wouldn't have seen Pat Kenny or Gay Byrne singing 'Be Our Guest' from Beauty and the Beast dressed in full Lumiere costume. 

Christopher's eyeball

Adorable Christopher attempted to demonstrate giant dinosaur feet and a pair of masks.  As Ryan attempted to remove Christopher's Incredible Hulk mask he managed to poke the child in the eyeball.  But Christopher was okay.  He managed to recreate the scene from BIG where Tom Hanks plays chopsticks on a giant keyboard and exited stage left with a giant Transformers Bumblebee.

Faye's cuteness overload

Four year old Faye from Cork sang a song while sitting on the stairs in her nightie and hugging a teddy bear.  Too cute for words.


Lara killed a pony

Following Faye's song, Lara from Swords decided she'd share one of her own.  "My Little Pony, skinny and bony, went to the stable, to die on the table" she sang.

"It's a little dark. That sets teh tone for our encounter," said Ryan.  Indeed it did.  Ryan and Lara almost came to fisticuffs when Lara sang 'Let it Go' from Frozen with a singing Elsa doll but refused to give Ryan the microphone.  He tried to wrestle it from her to no avail.  Awkward...

lara from swords.jpg

The weather boy

Johnny from Clare was the biggest Evelyn Cusack fan that may ever have existed and he nearly died when she appeared on stage to talk to him about the weather game he had invented.  His face resembled that of Aimee last year when Ed Sheeran surprised her on stage.  Now Evelyn's no Ed but sure Johnny was just as impressed.

"Did you come here in a taxi or something?" he asked her.

Brother and sister loveliness

Brother and sister duo Leah and Noah sang Titanium together and it was all kinds of beautiful.


The rapping farmer

Fionn Molloy (7) from Tullamore talked about fields and animals and then surprised everyone by rapping.  Yep.

David Walliams

He's no Ed Sheeran, but he writes spectacularly popular children's books.  He revealed that kids ask "lots of very specific questions, sometimes criticisms, sometimes letters saying 'I like this book, I didn't like that one at all."


He then played pie face with Tubs.  Legend.

pie face.jpg

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