Monday 23 April 2018

'The amount of sex that goes on in the [media] industry is unbelievable' - George Hook

Broadcaster George Hook
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George Hook has claimed he has had no offers to continue his work as a rugby pundit because TV is "ageist".

The outspoken former RTE commentator turned 75 today and, speaking on the Seven O'Clock Show on TV3 last night, he addressed rumours that he will retire from radio this year and also suggested that behind-the-scenes sex is common in the media industry. 

Hook signed a three-year contract with RTE that was due to culminate with coverage of last year's Rugby World Cup, but TV3 won the rights for that competition and Hook was off our screens. Now the Irish Independent columnist claims that he has no other offers to get back into television work because it's an "ageist" industry.

“Three years ago, I signed a two year contract with RTE to finish with the Rugby World Cup, but unfortunately the Rugby World Cup went to another station that I cannot mention," said Hook to Martin King and Lucy Kennedy on the Seven O'Clock Show.

“You’re on it right now," answered King before Kennedy added: “Welcome to TV3.”

George continued: “I signed a three year contract with Newstalk. However, before you ask me the question, the answer is the answer given by the lovely Ingrid, when asked last week, ‘is George retiring?’, she said nobody knows what George does, so George doesn’t know what George does, but let me tell you this; I was confident when I went off telly that I would be getting tonnes of phone calls. I was confident when I said I was retiring from the radio that I would get tonnes of phone calls."

Kennedy asked: “Has the phone rang once?”

George continued: “No!... not once. That’s why I’m here because you’re the only person that called me!”

Both Kennedy and King refuted Hook's claims that TV was "ageist" before Hook added: “When you’re 75 with erectile dysfunction, you just don’t care anymore.”

He went on to say: “Apple cider apparently, if applied in copious quantities, is reported to have therapeutic effects. It’s good for your hair apparently. I want to try it everywhere else!”

In his usual controversial form, George also made the revelation that sex was common place behind the scenes in the industry when Lucy asked him about his plans to write anymore ‘naughty books’.

George said: “There was a slight misunderstanding of naughty books, primarily propagated by The Seven O’ Clock Show on TV3. It is a book about a radio station, owned by an eccentric billionaire. However, as we in media all know, the amount of sex that goes on in the industry is unbelievable, so I couldn’t really write about a radio station or a television station talking about what goes on all the time off air.”

Clearly shocked by George’s statement Lucy said: “Wow! Where have you worked?”

To which George asked Comedian Alison Spittle to back him up: “Back me up here Alison about what goes on in Newstalk.”

Alison offered: “No, because I don’t have a job there permanently. I am only there on a Friday. You won’t find me there on Friday if I say anything bad about Newstalk!”

But Hook assured her: “Alison, you are my number one and you’ll be on a Friday at half 6 as long as there is breath in my body!”

A mischievous Lucy then stated: “If Alison gets fired next week we have a recording of this!”

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