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Ten trashiest reality shows of all time



The reality show genre has had its fair share of appalling programmes.

We take a look at some of the trashiest of all-time.

You’ll be horrified – either from their outrageous stunts, or that you haven’t seen them yet.

The Swan

No list would be complete without the horrific plastic surgery makeover show. The series, fronted by former Ireland: AM host Amanda Byram, looked for self professed ugly ducklings to turn into a swan.


Hey, never mind what’s on the inside – dramatic plastic surgery will solve all your problems.

It aired over two seasons in 2004, before being cancelled by Fox.



Yeah, we can see a running theme here as well with the whole plastic surgery thing.


The premise is simple, yet incredibly twisted.

12 brides-to-be leave their partners for the four months prior to their wedding, and compete to win as much plastic surgery as possible through various challenges.

The woman who was deemed to have changed the least was eliminated each week.

At the end of the series, the winner was given an all-expenses-paid wedding, where her unrecognisable face and body would be revealed to her groom.


Here comes Honey Boo Boo

Now, a special place on this list should be held for Toddlers and Tiaras – but why not stick to its most famous participants.


Alana and her mother, Momma June, landed their own show after their appearance on Toddlers and Tiaras went viral.

We see Momma June feed Alan her ‘go-go juice’ – a concoction of red bull and Mountain Dew – that would land most parents in jail.

The show seems to be firmly structured for viewers to look down on the family – as they eat horrendous fried food and display questionable hygiene habits.


My Super Sweet 16

We’ve all been guilty of watching it at some point.


But it only serves to vent your hatred at the spoiled, bratty teens it features.

The show follows teens as they organise their 16th birthday – and the ensuing tantrum as mom tells little Mercedes she can only have two Ferraris for her pre-birthday gift.

The parents are almost as bad, looking smug as they lay down the law to their daughter that she’s only getting a $1.5m budget, not $1.6m. That’s some good parenting.



It doesn’t take a detective to work out the premise of this one.

Hidden cameras are set up to catch people cheating on their spouses.

Then, once they have done the deed, they’re confronted by an angry partner and a camera crew.

The show has, understandably, not been without its controversial incidents.

Its host Joey Greco was stabbed during one confrontation – however there have since been reports the episode was staged.



Kitchen Nightmares

No, not the entire series, which we quite like.

But one episode in particular will go down in reality show history due to its infamous participants.

The show sees Gordon Ramsey go to struggling restaurants in an attempt to turn them around.

Gordon’s tough talking breaks even the most stubborn of owners, helping them see the problems and turn things around. Or so the story is meant to go.

Amy’s Baking Company appeared to be a well run establishment when Gordon first arrived – it was clean and had pleasant staff and owners. Or so it seemed.


The problem with Amy’s Baking Company was owner Amy had a meltdown with any criticism, and even tough-talking Gordon had to admit defeat and leave.

You can catch re-runs of this gem occasionally on More 4.


Orgasm Wars

You may not have heard of this Japanese delight, but that may not be a bad thing.

The show sees a gay man attempt to make a straight porn star orgasm against his will.

Sure what better things would you have to be watching on a Tuesday night.

Although there is no nudity involved on camera, we can’t quite imagine granny will give up Fair City and a cuppa to watch this.

We're not using an image for this one folks, we can leave that to your imagination.


Married at first sight

Desperate? Single? Then married at first sight is the show for you.

In what the makers labelled a sociological experiment, two people meet for the best first time at the top of the aisle, minutes before exchanging vows.


They sign a contract agreeing to stay married for six weeks, and at the end they have the option of getting divorced.


I want a famous face

Why not finish the list as we started it, with an horrific plastic surgery makeover show.

The show made over wannabes in a bid to make them look like a celebrity.

The Swan made you a better looking version of yourself, this MTV show attempted to make you look like a different person altogether.



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