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Streaming picks of the week: Trump: An American Dream, Rick and Morty and The Sinner

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

I know. You're sick of being subjected to Mr Trump's relentless antics. However, that won't stop this docuseries from being morbidly fascinating. Essentially the anatomy of a car crash in excruciating slow-mo, it recounts how a raging bunch of contradictions became POTUS. Spanning from 1975 until 2015 - when Trump announced his intent to run for president, again - it's the Butterfly Effect of 40 years. 

Perhaps you caught its first airing on Channel 4, in which case, please shimmy your eyeballs down to Also Streaming. If it's new to you and you're thinking: "Trump Tower, Atlantic City casinos, The Apprentice - what's left to know?" The answer to that, dear reader, is plenty.

From pretending to be his own PA when reporters called, to inserting his own narrative into a fatal helicopter crash in 1989 - no depth is too deep for Donald.

While it's not surprising, especially in light of his current rallying cries, it's still necessary viewing.

Whether we like it or not, we're living in historical times. Future grandkids will ask, "How did people let that happen?"

You can say it all boiled down to six men, including: 'The Body' Ventura; a very sleepy Roger Stone; Obama; and the man who showed Trump Twitter.

Sadly, no one suggested he set up a wrestling company to rival Vince McMahon's WWE. That would've ticked a lot of Trump's boxes. It also would have saved the world a lot of grief.

Also streaming

Rick & Morty, season 4

Netflix, streaming now

And now, for something completely different… Meet Rick, a cantankerous, latently sociopathic "genius" who monopolises his family (mostly grandson Morty), railroading them into endless flights of sci-fi fantasy. You may, or may not, have binged the newly dropped Season 4, however - if this is new to you - you're in for some mind-bending. Expect beyond meta scenarios, serious reflux issues, teen hormones, face-huggers, and more moments of warped randomness than any adult cartoon you've ever encountered before. Promise.


Amazon Prime, July 3

Video of the Day

It seems teenage girls being turned into killing machines will never become a jaded genre… The second season returns to Prime with eight, one-hour episodes, and follows the jaunts of 15-year-old Hanna as she evades the endless pursuits of a sinister government agency (because being 15 isn't enough to be dealing with). Season 2 kicks off with Hanna risking her freedom to rescue friend, Clara, from The Utrax program.

The Sinner, Season 3

Netflix, streaming now

Since Season 3 landed last week, Jessica Biel's executive produced series has consistently been in Netflix's Top 10 list. Starring Bill Pullman as Detective Harry Ambrose, the psychological thriller serial sees Matt Bomer play this season's unsuspecting bystander, claiming to know nothing about the death of his college friend.

Frozen 2

Disney+, July 3

It's unavoidable. You said it cost too much to see in the cinema/rent from your preferred platform. But now, it's coming to the very competitively priced Disney+ indefinitely... You no longer have any excuse not to go "into the UNKNOOOWHN!" For those dreading the prospect of a summer set to the backing track of Idina Menzel's latest warble, the film itself is thrilling. Just ask 'Samantha.'

The Baby-Sitters Club

Netflix, July 3

The '90s TV series based on the '80s books is getting a reboot, and Alicia Silverstone is playing "the mom". Yep, we're all feeling a bit old right now.

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