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Soap of the week: Fair City


Notice anything amiss in 'Soapland'... the first ever absence of Fair City since this column commenced in 2008, perchance? Easter Sunday was the show's inadvertent 'finale' courtesy of Covid-19.

We knew this day was nigh, when there would be zero action from Carrigstown, but it doesn't make it any easier for its hundreds of thousands of fans. We were only getting used to it being reduced to two episodes a week since our lives changed immeasurably a month ago.

This was to ensure the 300,000-plus viewers, who usually tune in four nights a week, would only endure a short gap in transmission, until filming resumed. As for when that is? Nobody knows. Understandably, RTÉ's priority is ensuring HSE guidelines are adhered to; protecting the health and wellbeing of all crew. For now, producers can only see how the situation progresses and align accordingly. Back on October 18 of last year, Fair City celebrated its 30th year on our screens, with over half a million people viewing the anniversary episode. No one could have envisaged it would be taking an impromptu hiatus less than six months later.