Thursday 19 September 2019

Soap of the week: Fair City


Fair City
Fair City

Sheena McGinley

Things are starting to simmer nicely in the run-up to Fair City's 30th-anniversary celebrations. In addition to the flurry of familiar faces making a return (namely from the O'Brien and Dillon clans), we're also keeping a keen eye on Will's mental outlook.

As a health professional, one would expect a level of maturity and impartiality from someone in Will's field, but he seems to have gone full Regina George in his bid to ruin Mairead and Damien's fledgling relationship.

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This week, with the return of Caoimhe and baby Saoirse to Carrigstown, Will is intent on stirring things to his advantage; offers Caoimhe and Saoirse a place to stay, leaving Damien more than a little suspicious about Will's motives... Well, it's obvious, innit.

After misleading Caoimhe into thinking Damien is still holding a torch for her, Will starts freaking out over the sight of daughter Phoebe getting close to young Saoirse. More poison needs dispensing! Cue Will curtly reminding his daughter she needs to spy on Damien, not focusing on Saoirse. Then, when he finds a spare five minutes, he tells Damien he should be spending more time with the mother of his child... 

All this results in Caoimhe getting her advances rejected by Damien and all manner of confusion. What with Damien deducing that Will's been misleading Caoimhe, and Phoebe clocking her dad putting the knife in with her mum, Mairead, Wily Will finds himself out in the cold and LIVID. With no one to channel all his scheming at (especially as Cristiano is still in Chile), will we finally see the murky depths of his true colours?


This week in Soapland

It's all about blasts from the past this week in Soapland; Mandy Dingle (and unnerving son Vinny) returns with a bang when she walks in on Jessie and Al and soon makes her opinions obvious. Refusing to celebrate her birthday, Tracy instead opts to try to prove her dad's innocence by locking Dawn in the church so she can shower her with accusations. Meanwhile, it's not all about a renewed vigour for movement and cake for grass puffing as Doug gets riddled with paranoia.

Fair City

Carol is a woman under pressure in the run up to the festival, with all her cogs bickering up a storm (namely usual suspects Pete, Renee, Bob and Dolores), while Cass is rather put out by his new role of litter picker. And, to top if all off, McCoys wangles the only festival drink licence available. Will gives Mairead and Damien good news about the separation proceedings, while giving a newly returned Caoimhe the wrong end of the stick. Rose, Debbie and Katy arrive home for Eoghan's birthday.


It's Chantelle's work assessment and with the support of those around her, she passes with flying colours. Gray makes a surprise return, and sabotages the celebrations at The Vic. Bianca prepares for her weekend away and when Sonia voices concern for Bex, she's annoyed when big sis gives her the brush-off. Bobby is getting visions of Lucy (better that than images of his dad in a clinch with Rainie) which leads him to take drastic action; ANOTHER person finds out they're pregnant; and it's hard day for Mel.

Coronation Street

After a failed attempt at duping Dr Gaddas into giving him more pills, and missing an opportunity to pocket some of Carla's anxiety meds, Ali heads home bereft where he starts sweating and shaking. As Ryan arrives he's horrified to find his brother convulsing and is quick to call the ambulance. What does this mean for Ali's future medical career?! Sinead asks Beth to tell people her cancer news as she's unable to deal with the potential pity party, while Gemma discovers her mum is (again, literally) taking the pee.

Ros na Rún

Michelle finally reports Andy to the gardaí, while Mack finds a box of amphetamines!

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