Monday 18 December 2017

Six more loud-mouthed contestants enter the Big Brother house

Toya A Washington
Toya A Washington
Ashleigh Coyle
Jale Karaturp
Ash Harrison
Chris R Wight
Marlon Wallen

Six new contestants walked into the Big Brother house tonight, including an out- of-work actor and a model who usually lives at home with his mother.

The housemates joined the 10 who moved in last night as the reality show returned to our screens on Channel 5.

They include 26-year-old Ash Harrison, from Manchester, who describes himself as "a younger, better-looking version" of David Beckham and Ashleigh Coyle, from Londonderry, who wants to win so she can give some of the prize money to charity and take her family on holiday.

Other contestants include Chris Wright, an actor from Hampshire, who says he is "obsessively polite" and has gone into the house for the "free rent, to lose weight and I can't afford therapy".

The first night saw Liverpudlian Mark Byron receive a reward of £5,000 within an hour of being in the house after Wolverhampton singer Pauline Bennett was voted to be the "power housemate" and given a "power trip" to choose who to punish and reward.

Bennett, who performed on Kylie Minogue's single Shocked under her stage name Jazzy P, chose to reward Mark and punish Hertfordshire man Matthew Davies.

Helen Wood is a 27-year-old 'feisty northerner' from Bolton known for a tabloid scandal with Wayne Rooney three years ago. She has a short temper and hates shit-stirrers. Helen is not looking for love in the house...or so she says now.
Helen Wood is a 27-year-old 'feisty northerner' from Bolton known for a tabloid scandal with Wayne Rooney three years ago. She has a short temper and hates shit-stirrers. Helen is not looking for love in the house...or so she says now.
Pauline is one of the older housemates at 49. The 'larger than life joker' from Wolverhampton had a top ten single with Kylie Minogue in the early 90s. Her all-time idol is the late Maya Angelou
Christopher Hall - This 23-year-old 'opinionated journalist' is a big fan of Katie Hopkins and White Dee. He has never had a relationship but hopes to find the right man one day. He is religious and loyal but can be melodramatic
Matthew Davies is a 23-year-old 'prima donna media graduate' who enjoys being deliberately provocative. He describes himself as 'stereotypically feminine' and 'camp' but has been with his girlfriend for five years.
Danielle McMahon is a Catholic lingerie model from Glasgow with 'old-fashioned' views. The 25-year-old believes the 1950s housewife 'was a better role model' and will not have sex before marriage
Steven Goode - This 23-year-old loves to be the centre of attention and describes himself as 'gobby and outgoing'. He is looking for love after the last woman he dated turned out to be married!
Kimberly Kisselovich - This 23-year-old Californian girl describes herself as a 'playboy bunny with a law degree'. Kimberly is skilled at twerking and once 'punched a preppy boy in the face' for groping her. She says she'll clash with anyone from Essex (watch out Winston).
Mark Byron is an 'animated fashionista' from Liverpool who claims to be a 'bit psychic'. The 24-year-old is ridiculously competitive and reckons not thinking before he speaks is part of his charm.
Tamara Stewart-Wood is a 'wild child head-hunter' from London who ran away from home aged 16 with the 'love of her life'. The relationship failed and now she is fiercely independent. The 24-year-old is known as Cruella Deville and 'a bit of a shagger'.
Winston Showan is as an 'up for a laugh Essex boy' with dreams of being a racing driver. He attends the gym daily but the only team sport he plays is 'who can pull the most girls in one night'. Some viewers may recognise him from dating show 'Girlfriends'.

His punishment was to be completely excluded from the first night of the show, trapped in a glass box until further notice.

Also among the housemates is Helen Wood, who hit the headlines following allegations that she had sex with England and Manchester United star Wayne Rooney while his wife Coleen was pregnant.

The 27-year-old, from Bolton, describes herself as "the class clown" and says she has been celibate for almost a year.

She said: "Let's just say, I've learned a lot about myself from celibacy."

She is joined by Northern Irish journalist Christopher Hall, Essex boy Winston Showan and headhunter Tamara Stewart-Wood, from London.

Also in the house is Glaswegian Danielle McMahon, who insists her career as an underwear model does not clash with her devout Catholicism.

The 25-year-old said she might clash with "liberal girls" who tell vulgar stories and described herself as having "class, flair and charisma".

Other housemates include Californian Kimberly Kisselovich, a Playboy Bunny who also works as a lawyer, and Steven Goode, from Hertfordshire.


The Channel 5 show, hosted by Emma Willis, also features former Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan, who is presenting the spin-off show Bit On The Side.

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