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Sheena McGinley: ‘I take umbrage with Love Island’s Adam Collard's past behaviour being rewarded with more prime time exposure’

Sheena McGinley reveals her shortlist of the previous Love Island contestants producers could have sent in instead


Adam Collard, a contestant in the ITV2 show Love Island. Photo: ITV

Adam Collard, a contestant in the ITV2 show Love Island. Photo: ITV

Adam Collard, a contestant in the ITV2 show Love Island. Photo: ITV

Honestly, haven't Paige and Danica been through enough than having to contend with Love Island's answer to Nasty Nick?!

Brief recap: Adam was the original bombshell that came in at the end of episode one of Series Four (if you've only started watching this season, Adam Collard was 2018's answer to Davide).

Collard proceeded to pilfer Kendall Knight from Niall Aslam, before dumping Kendall in favour of new bombshell, Rosie, who he led to believe he was absolutely smitten with.

Then Zara walked in, and he told Rosie she was losing her mind when she queried if he fancied the new girl. He then dumped Rosie in favour of Zara, who he led to he was absolutely smitten with. Then, he went to Casa Amor... aaand repeat.

He was finally dumped from the Island on day 33 after viewers had seen more than enough of his antics when it came to his treatment of women.

Since then, few have come near to Collard's dubious legacy – apart from Toby from last year who went through contestants at an almighty rate. However, he didn't exhibit the same level of apparent eye-rolling disparagement towards his female counterparts. Toby was just a bit of a muppet that hadn't a clue what he wanted and actually turned out to be one of the most popular contestants last year.

Who Adam has his eye on...
As for who Adam has his beady on this time around – Paige (AKA this year's Rosie), Danica (probably instigated by producers after Josh used her as a fast-track from Casa to the main villa) and, of course, Ekin-Su. Actually, he didn't ask Ekin for a chat; she offered to bring him on a tour of the villa, whereupon he said "Oh, are you bringing me to Ekin terrace?" With any bit of luck, she will give him a taste of his own medicine...

Former contestants producers could have sent in instead...
I take umbrage with Adam Collard's past behaviour being rewarded with more prime time exposure – even if it does make for cracking TV.

While he might have changed (much like leopards tend to switcheroo their spots, and such like) and seen the error of his philandering ways, the chances of that is highly unlikely.

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Therefore, I've created a shortlist of more sound souls who could've been chosen instead.

Kem Cetinay from 2017: Yes, he's the original cad, but at least he won the show alongside Amber Davis thus proving his popularity. Plus, he made it to finals week on Celebrity Masterchef last year, so man can cook. Always a bonus.

Niall Aslam from 2018: This wildly charismatic individual walked nine days after entering the Villa in 2018. Why? Because he was discombobulated by Adam wandering in and extracating him from his coupling with Kendall, plus additional unmitigated factors due to his autism. Niall left the villa of his own accord to look after his mental health. I still think of him often.

Dr Alex from 2018: While some deemed him drippy, dude is a qualified doctor saving lives whilst acting as a youth mental health ambassador within the UK's Department for Education. Plus, he's got dreamy eyes.

Chris Taylor from 2019: The man who brought the 'salmon dive' to the villa, while rocking post shower towel turbans coupled with sarongs, and an amazing collection of snazzy shirts, deserves to find love GODNAMMIT. At least he had that lustful fling with fellow contestant Maura Higgins in 2020.

Ovie Soko from 2019: The lofty basketball player was both a gentleman and a hoot.

Jack Keating from last week: Listen, as Ekin said "Life is a rollercoaster, you've just gotta ride it." Wouldn't the sight of Jack successfully wooing the woman he was most interested in – Paige – now that her eyes have been opened to Jacques? Especially after he pulled a poor man's Liam Reardon manoeuvre on Sunday night's episode, scrawling a note on some tissue paper with someone's precious lippy.

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As for tonight's shenanigans...
While everyone, including Summer, was left wondering who in the name of jaysis was voting Coco and Andrew as their favourite couple, the safe islanders deliberated as to who they would keep.

They decided to dump Jay and Chyna in favour of Dami and Summer – mostly for the craic. Dami might seem duplicitous of late, but the villa would be fierce boring without him.

While Davide looked distraught at the loss of his benchpress buddy, Jay offered some departing advice for Dami, which went something like: "You behave my man, you hear?" Don't feel too bad for Chyna; she announced before leaving she was going to booty call her ex.

The last Casa Amor couple bit the bullet...
Once in the villa, Josh promptly friend-zoned Danica. Joining him there was Andrew, who also swiftly friend-zoned Coco despite promising to "ruin" her, leaving her feeling used. Cue Ekin doing what she does best (apart from running rings around the menfolk) and that's bigging up all the girls when they're feeling rubbish.

Following in the footsteps of all of the aforementioned, and OG friendship advocate Jay, Dami was next to tell Summer he just wanted to be friends/effectively used her as a human shield in case Indiyah came back with someone. Indiyah followed suit, friending Deji, so that left Billy and Tasha.

With Andrew wearing her down (despite him lying about getting exceedingly intimate with Coco, plus his meltdown over Tasha doing only a fraction of what he undertook during Casa) and Billy clearly trying to relieve Gemma of Luca, they were the final new couple to call it a day.

All this reverting to type saw Jacques getting access to Paige's bed again. How? He penned a veeerrrryy lengthy text about his feelings on his phone and read it out to her. And, she swallowed it hook, line, and stinker (yes, stinker...). What did he say? No idea, I had to mute it on account of a severe bout of nausea.

As the lads were treated to a boys' day out, smearing lotions on each other by a random pool, Paige got a text about an "Adam" coming into the villa. Given his opening voiceover gambit, including such gems as "I'm the original OG bombshell, the perfect package" he's not gained hubris in the intervening years.

As for his welcome? Many confused looks amid such sentiments as...

Not two minutes in the door, Adam was dropping bombs left, right, and centre, giving unsolicited insights into people's current relationships. And none of it was complimentary.

He told Ekin he just saw friend vibes between her and Davide, he essentially told Paige that Jacques is immature (shocker) and will cheat again, while it doesn't really matter what he told Tasha because she'd drop Andrew in a heartbeat.

Oh, and he informed Gemma that a) Luca is possessive and b) that she's his type – just as the boys arrived home.

Overall vibe…

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