Saturday 16 November 2019

Sharon Horgan: ‘Women still have to shout louder to be successful – and it’s crazy'

Sharon Horgan
Sharon Horgan

Sharon McGowan

Women have to “shout a lot louder” than men to be successful – that’s according to actress and writer Sharon Horgan.

The Irish star (45), whose hit series Catastrophe kicked off its second season on Channel 4 earlier this week, praised Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence for speaking out about the wage gap between men and women in the movie business.

Horgan – who has penned and starred in several popular comedies including BBC’s Dead Boss and Pulling – added she herself has first-hand experience when it comes to gender inequality at work. “I can’t really go into it but yeah, I have experienced a version of that,” she said. “Although [Lawrence] is specifically talking about a Hollywood scenario and extremely large sums of money, it happens all the time in most working environments. It’s par for the course.”

The Meath native, whose brother is Irish rugby legend Shane Horgan, admitted that some people may consider her to be “difficult” simply because she wants to be successful.

“It is ridiculous that you have to shout a lot louder [as a woman] to be heard,” she said.

“I am often too aware that I might be considered difficult just because I am ambitious, or I know what I want and know my mind. Maybe I wouldn’t be so aware of that if I was a man.”

Sharon Horgan in Catastrophe
Sharon Horgan in Catastrophe

After years of working in London, Sharon looks set to get her big break in the States as she pens upcoming HBO series Divorce – the show that will be Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker’s TV comeback.

Speaking about her first meeting with the star, mum-of-two Sharon admitted she went to great lengths to impress the fashionista. “I spent a long time getting ready and turned up dressed to the nines, but she was in sweatpants with no make-up,” she said.

“She had read some scripts I had written for HBO, but hadn’t seen anything I had made. We just got on. She is an unassuming, unstarry, very sweet, considerate, nice person.”

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