Wednesday 17 July 2019

Russell Crowe scolds Late Late Show audience: 'If you can’t clap in time just shut up'

Russel Crowe at JDIFF 2015
Russel Crowe at JDIFF 2015

Patricia Murphy

Russell Crowe has no time for those who can’t clap in time to a beat or so he told last night’s Late Late Show audience.

The Gladiator actor popped up onto the set’s balcony to give an impromptu performance after Ryan Tubridy coaxed him to give the studio “something to tap our toes to”.

Russell argued about the origins of the song Fields of Athenry before joining the band for his rendition of Johnny Cash classic Folsom Prison.

Russell made sure to boss the band around prior to taking to the microphone while Tubridy dished out an awkward commentary as the actor got set to perform “live from the balcony”.

The actor couldn’t even readjust his microphone stand without complaint and said: “Now I have to come over and use the midget’s microphone.”

“Did one of you tune this guitar?” he asked the band as one of the musicians adjusted his microphone stand for him.

The actor finally got started into his song but just a few lines in he stopped and shouted at the clapping audience for not clapping in time.

“If you’re going to clap, clap in time,” he scolded.

“If you can’t clap in time just shut up,” he said before starting once again.

The actor is renowned for his questionable manners and had already made a comment about actor Ryan O’Neal earlier on his Late Late appearance.

O’Neal made an inappropriate comment regarding his daughter Tatum O’Neal to which Russell responded to on the couch with Ryan.

“For me as a member of the audience I’m a little uncomfortable, but mainly I’m concerned for your mental health and well-being,” he told Tubridy.

 “Let’s not discuss it any further but how f***ed up was that?”

Russell’s audience scolding didn’t stop the packed studio from giving him a standing ovation once his performance had finished.

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