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Remember Kinga? Will Big Brother 2015 outdo the top 5 series moments ever?

Nikki Grahame in the BB diary room
Nikki Grahame in the BB diary room
Jade Martina Lynch, a 24 year-old polyamorous model from Dublin.
Eileen, 51, a singer from London who already tried her luck on The X Factor.
Simon Gross, a 46-year-old theatre company owner.
Danny Wisker, 29, a demolition man from Margate who is friends with Ricci from fellow reality series Geordie Shore.
Harriet Jackson, a 22-year-old Ukip voter and cafe worker from London.
Nick Henderson, an unemployed 19-year-old from Hertford
Kieran McLeod, 30, an ex-professional basketball player and radio host from Birmingham.
Sarah Greenwood, 24, a law student from Manchester.
Jack McDermott, 23, a Plymouth Argyle fan and floor manager at a fast food outlet.
Chloe Wilburn, a 25-year-old office administrator from Doncaster.
Adjoa Mensah, a 22-year-old law student from Manchester whose first language is Dutch.
Cristian MJC, a 20-year-old London rapper and singer who also goes by the name Matthew Clarkson.
Joel Williams, 19, the youngest councillor in Wales and dubbed a "wannabe prime minister" by the programme-makers.
Aaron Frew, 24, from Southampton, a model and has shot campaigns for Calvin Klein alongside Lara Stone, Pixie Geldof and Alice Dellal.  Also a qualified beauty therapist.
Twins Amy and Sally Broadbent, 27, from Manchester. Amy is a nightclub hostess who claims to have dated a famous footballer and Sally is a personal trainer who says she spends £500 a month on beauty treatments.
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Big Brother 16 kicks off on TV3 tonight, but the housemates have their work cut out for them if they want to top the highlights of previous series. Remember Kinga anyone?

Granted, there's an eclectic mix of personalities, from our own polyamorous model Jade Martina Lynch to Ukip voter Harriet Jackson to devout Christian Adjoa Mensaha and 51-year-old singer Eileen who has already tried her luck on Britain's Got Talent.

And Big Brother is ramping up the possibility of explosive drama by dubbing the series 'Timebomb' and promising all manner of time-related tricks and tasks to drive them all stir crazy.

However, will any of them top Nicky Grahame's 'Who IS she?' tantrum?  Or will love blossom a la Helen and Paul?  Here are some of the moments to beat...

Helen and Paul - Big Brother 2

Although the housemates for the second series in 2001 weren't quite as naive as the first group (who thought nobody would watch), the show hadn't yet become populated by brash, unashamed wannabes.

The second batch were, by BB standards, relatively normal so when love began to blossom between Helen Adams and Paul Clarke it played out like a real-life soap opera and viewers tuned in in their tens of thousands to watch it all unfold.

Helen set the template for an audience favourite - the bubbly-but-dim blonde - which future characters like Jade Goody and Josie Gibson would fit, and her 'Helenisms' became a running gag. "I like blinking I do" she once declared.

Helen and Paul dated for five years after the show, proving BB romances are not always solely about the magazine deals and fame (although they had their fair share of those too), or at least they weren't back in 2001.

Jade Goody's finger verruca - Big Brother 3

The late Jade Goody is probably the most memorable Big Brother housemate of all time, never mind Big Brother 3.

Jade, who tragically passed away after battling cervical cancer in 2009, provided endless hours of entertainment in the house, thanks in the main to her lack of geographical knowledge (she thought East Anglia was East Angular, that Cambridge was in London, and that Rio de Janeiro was a person).

However, her infamous meltdown over a 'verruca' she found on her finger will go down in history as one of the funniest moments. It even spawned that immortal phrase "Am I minging?".

Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson - Big Brother 5

Did they or didn't they?  That was the question that dominated the front page of newspapers across the UK and Ireland the morning after Michelle Bass invited Stuart Wilson, the object of her considerable affections, to join her in a tent constructed with a table, tablecloth and chairs which obscured them from prying BB cameras.

Michelle's pursuit of Stu was relentless, and borderline obsessive, and Big Brother, in a particularly nasty yet hilarious move, extracted Michelle from the house to live in a bedsit next door where she was forced to watch her beloved Stu interact with other housemates, without her!  The horror!  The situation prompted this legendary moment:

Kinga and the wine bottle - Big Brother 6

One of the most shocking and controversial moments in Big Brother history came courtesy of Kinga in BB6.  After a night of drinking she popped off to the garden with a wine bottle, with one intention.... It all kicks off around 1.15 mins into the video above, if you're brave enough...

Nicky Grahame - Who IS she? - Big Brother 7

Nikki Grahame's Diary Room rants were never short of laugh-out-loud hilarious.  The diminutive blonde took issue with everything from the air-conditioning to nominations and her fellow housemates.  When she was put up for eviction by Susie, she lost it, demanding to know, "Who IS she? Where did you FIND her?"

Big Brother: Timebomb will begin live on Tuesday, May 12 at 9pm on TV3.

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