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Paul Whitington’s TV pick of the week: Home of the Year


RTÉ's 'Home of the Year'

RTÉ's 'Home of the Year'

RTÉ's 'Home of the Year'

As most of us are sick of the sight of our own houses, how about a few vicarious visits to other people’s? Home of the Year returns for a new run with 21 spanking dwellings to be considered and a new look on the judging panel. Gone are Deirdre Whelan and Patrick Bradley; in are architect Amanda Bone and interior designer Suzie McAdam. Hugh Wallace is, of course, the great constant in the show and tonight will be casting a critical eye over dream homes in Westmeath, Cork and Clare.

If we’re honest, a lot of us watch Home of the Year in order to give out about other people’s taste — “state of that sofa” and so forth. All part of the fun, but no doubt the decor in tonight’s properties will be impeccable.

First up is Trish O’Brien’s early-1900s farmhouse in Co Clare, which she and her family had gutted back to its original state so they could keep the exterior but create a modern and spacious home within. The result is open, bright and airy, and has allowed Trish to indulge her passion for interior decor.

In Westmeath, Kevin and Ediana Dolan rolled up their sleeves and did all the work themselves when renovating their three-bedroom, semi-detached home. When the couple bought the house, it had been rented out for three years and was in a bit of a state. Ediana describes their interior style as modern with a hint of vintage, and she loves to upcycle. We shall see what Hugh and co make of it all when they sashay into the county.

Last up is David O’Brien, who has made a bespoke modern home in the heart of the Cork countryside. He built it himself from scratch, with his brother’s help, and worked with an architect to create a modern take on a traditional barn.

Inside, he has used antique furniture to contrast with the building’s modern style, and his most striking design choice is a 19th-century piano on a kitchen island. You may rest assured that it and everything else in the house will be closely inspected.
Tuesday, RTÉ One, 8.30pm


'Stan & Ollie'

'Stan & Ollie'

'Stan & Ollie'

Films of the week

Pete’s Dragon
Tonight, RTÉ One, 7.05pm
Delightful children’s fable starring Bryce Dallas Howard as a ranger who finds and adopts a 10-year-old boy who swears he’s friends with a giant, fire-breathing dragon. With Robert Redford.

The Little Stranger
Tonight, Channel 4, 9pm
When a young doctor is called to a dilapidated Irish country home to visit a sick maid, he uncovers secrets and horror. Lenny Abrahamson’s stylish chiller stars Domhnall Gleeson.

Dallas Buyers Club
Monday, TG4, 9.30pm
Fact-based drama starring Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodruff, a macho Texan rodeo rider who becomes an unlikely hero among the gay community when he starts smuggling in antiretroviral drugs to combat Aids.

Wednesday, Film4, 6.40pm
A guide is taking amateur climbers to the top of Mount Everest when a sudden storm strikes. Action thriller starring Jason Clarke, Robin Wright.

The Revenant
Thursday, TCM, 9pm
Epic Western starring Leo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass, a 19th-century trapper who faces an epic battle for survival when he’s attacked by a bear and left for dead by his party in the Dakotas.

Video of the Day

Stan & Ollie
Friday, BBC1, 8.30pm
When Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel reunite for a theatrical tour of 1950s England, they find that the entertainment world has passed them by. Steve Coogan stars.

Best sport

Live Six Nations
Today, Virgin Media One, 1.30pm
England under pressure
England face Italy at Twickenham at 2.15pm, and at 4.45pm it’s Scotland v Wales in Edinburgh. Joe Molloy introduces coverage of both games.

Renault Super Sunday
Sunday, Sky Sports Main Event, 2pm
Premier double
West Brom welcome Manchester United to the Hawthorns in the first of Sky’s live games, after which we’re off to London for Arsenal’s tie with Leeds.

Live Six Nations
Sunday, Virgin Media One, 2pm
French finesse
Fabien Galthié’s youthful French side have delighted fans with their open running, and Ireland will have to be at their best to beat them at the Aviva.

TV picks

The Serpent
Sunday, BBC1, 9pm
In the series finale, Charles hatches a daring plan to escape to South America, but meanwhile the authorities are closing in.

Pulling with My Parents
Monday, RTÉ2, 9.30pm
Laid-back lover
Sean has been single for the past eight months and says that girls don’t understand his laid-back, go-with-the-flow nature. Can his parents help?

Trump Takes On the World
Wednesday, BBC2, 9pm
Wrecking ball
Foreign-policy advisers and the leaders he clashed with consider Donald Trump’s disastrous and pig-headed interventions in the Middle East.


'Behind Her Eyes', Netflix

'Behind Her Eyes', Netflix

'Behind Her Eyes', Netflix

Sheena McGinley’s streaming pick of the week

Behind Her Eyes
Netflix, Wednesday

Is anyone else being subjected to fiercely vivid dreams of late? Recurring nightly terrors of a zombie apocalypse seem to be a favourite. As it happens, the same can be said for Rob. Who’s Rob? He is show creator Steve Lightfoot’s reincarnation of Mark “Rent Boy” Renton, played here by Robert Aramayo. His partner in crime? It’s only a sublime Eve Hewson looking remarkably like Diane. And this is where the Trainspotting comparisons end.

Based on Sarah Pinborough’s 2017 novel, this “psychological thriller” has it all — melodrama, madness, and a bounty of bared bottoms. While the premise is familiar (girl meets boy, kisses boy, then boy turns out to be her married boss), the tangent into astral planing will be new to many. The plot may seem fairly convoluted for those who haven’t dabbled — unwittingly or otherwise — in the realm of advanced lucid dreaming, and if you last the full six episodes (you will; it’s beautifully shot), you’ll spend most of your time trying to decipher who the “bad guy” is. Be warned: given the now-infamous double twist, that is an exercise in futility.

Considering it melds esoteric philosophies with the kitchen sink, Behind Her Eyes could be deemed successfully absurd rather than ridiculous. This is thanks to Simona Brown’s Louise keeping it rooted in reality — before it goes full-blown Tales of the Unexpected. As ever, it’s not about the destination; it’s all about the ride…

Also streaming…

Red Dot
Netflix, streaming now
’Tis Valentine’s Day tomorrow, so why not snuggle up with your significant other/yourself and look at the slow, chilly demise of an already crumbling couple? This Swedish action thriller follows David and Nadja, a twosome in their late twenties struggling with their marriage. When Nadja becomes pregnant, the pair opt to rekindle their relationship by taking a ski hike in the wilderness. What could go wrong? If you have a house cat, perhaps put them in another room if you intend to watch this seriously.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things
Amazon Prime, streaming now
Much like Amazon’s other recent release Bliss, this new movie centres around people stuck in an endless loop, living the same day, day after day, after day… It’s essentially Groundhog Day in the sun, and we follow quick-witted teen Mark. Contentedly living the same day in an eternal loop, his existence takes a welcome turn when he meets mysterious Margaret — also stuck in the time loop. They form a magnetic partnership, and what unfolds is the expected love story with a fantastical twist.

News of the World
Netflix, streaming now
Directed here by Paul Greengrass, Tom Hanks stars as Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, a Civil War veteran of three wars, who moves from town to town delivering non-fiction stories (i.e. the news). He happens upon a 10-year-old who has been brought up by the Kiowa people and is being returned to her biological aunt and uncle against her will. It’s Tom Hanks doing what Tom Hanks does best: an ode to Saving Private Ryan by way of Nell.

Animals on the Loose
Netflix, Tuesday
Who wants to see Bear Grylls wrestle with a snake?! The adventurer returns with this exciting 90-minute interactive movie for the whole family. Here’s the deal — the protective fence surrounding a wildlife sanctuary has mysteriously suffered a breach and now animals are on the loose. Bear is called in to help rescue a mischievous baboon, track down a hungry lion and fix the fence before more animals flee. Three urgent missions await you, but you’re up against the clock... so make your choices count.

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