Friday 13 December 2019

New tattoo artist in Ireland: ‘Justin Bieber ripped me off’

LEADING tattoo artists Ami James and Guy Sahar are hoping Irish customers won’t “pull a Bieber” and run out on their bill once they’ve finished being inked up.

Sahar designed an image and tattooed Bieber in 2013 but is still waiting for Bieber - who is worth €150m - to pay the outstanding bill.

“He is worse than we thought he was going to be,” Sahar told

The total cost of the tattoo was €1200 but Bieber only coughed up half the fee.

Earlier this week, the popstar got in a fist fight with actor Orlando Bloom while in Ibiza. It is believed the altercation was related to Bieber's relationship with Miranda Kerr while Bloom was married to her in 2012.

Bieber had stopped off in Shannon in his private jet en route to Ibiza.

However, he is not overly welcome in Cork – unless he brings his wallet

James and Sahar are in Ireland today ahead of the launch of their Love Hate Social Club tattoo studio in Cork

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