Monday 16 December 2019

'My old mucker' - RTE's Des Cahill proves he and former DWTS partner Karen are 'still the best of friends'

Karen Byrne on last night's Late Late Show. Photo: RTE
Karen Byrne on last night's Late Late Show. Photo: RTE Newsdesk Newsdesk

Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Karen Byrne has revealed that she and her former dance partner Des Cahill are still the best of friends.

The RTE sports presenter and Karen were dance partners in last year’s show, best remembered for their Austin Powers routine where Des debuted his “Dessie swim”.

Karen appeared on last night’s Late Late Show to talk about the difference in dancing with Des and her current dance partner Jake Carter.

“Obviously I got on so well with Des last year. The two of us were like, well we still are best friends.”

“Going into it the second time, I think it can be a bit nerve wracking cos you’re hoping, you’re saying hopefully I get someone that I can connect with just as well. So it was more nerve wracking this year.”

Des, who was at home watching the show last night, tweeted his support to Karen.

“OMG! It’s very touching to be sitting at home & see my old mucker, @KarenDWTS being so loyal to me!!!  #TheRoseOfBallyfermot #LateLateShow #DWTSIrl,” Des tweeted.

Meanwhile, Ryan McShane who has been dating model Thalia Heffernan since they met on last year's show, was asked about his dance partner for this year Erin McGregor.

He said he would describe Erin as “a bit of a pocket-rocket” saying you don’t really know what you are going to get from her.

He described her as a “kid that you bring to nursery school and you just let them destroy your life”, saying the single biggest demand that was put on him was the demand for time.

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