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Murder in Fair City: The top 10 most hapless and horrifying killings in Carrigstown

Fair City October 30th 2013
Charlotte Bishop (Martha Fitzpatrick)
Fair City October 30th 2013 Charlotte Bishop (Martha Fitzpatrick)

Sheena McGinley

In its almost 30-year run, Fair City has clocked up a surprising number of murders for such a small town, and the latest whodunnit involving a female victim and perp had us all gripped. Sheena McGinley takes a look at the top 10 Carrigstown homicides...

In the wake of Fair City’s hugely successful ‘Who Killed Karen O’Neill?’ storyline, we’ve seized the opportunity to cast a keen eye over Carrigstown’s most notable killers.

From utterly hapless to absolutely harrowing, the death toll in this North Dublin suburb has reached double digits over the last three decades.

Here are just some of the more notable murderous departures to date.

10. Kerri-Ann Bishop


aoife kerri 2.png
Kerri-Ann is left bloodied after the violent attack by Aoife. Fair City

Fair City’s recent storyline has captured the imaginations of viewers as it was the first of its kind resulting in murder. Let’s face it, the soap’s writers generated an inordinate amount of mileage out of the ‘Who Kidnapped Katy O’Brien?!’ plot, therefore a similar whodunit was inevitable.

Enter Kerri-Ann Bishop (Jenny Dixon)... she floats like a butterfly and stings like a jealousy-riddled starlet armed with a screwdriver. Who knew?

No, really, who knew that Decco Bishop’s unflappable wife — with her perfectly tonged hair, whispery voice, and penchant for all things pink — would have the fortitude, nevermind the upper body strength, to plunge a screwdriver into Karen O’Neill (Kate Gilmore), resulting in death?

True, one could argue that the wound Kerri-Ann inflicted on Karen was entirely treatable, but Wayne Molloy (Victor Burke) was so intent on getting her to the hospital himself and then stopping the car every two minutes, that she slowly bled to death.

However, it’s still a pretty far stretch for the mind to contemplate that Kerri-Ann could kill. And then hide her actions for months. Then again, this is Soapland, where characters get to pervert the course of justice in murder cases and then swan around McCoys as if nothing has happened.

Another reason why we can’t comprehend Kerri-Ann as a killer? Because we never saw her in action. She claims she arrived into Wayne and Orla’s house to have words with Karen and found her scrawling “Slut” on the fridge door... Why? It doesn’t make any sense!

9. Barry O’Hanlon


barry denzo.jpg
Fair City: Barry tries to get info from Denzo on where he buried Sarah's body. PIC RTE

The streets of Carrigstown have played host to many a grisly demise, mostly at the hands of men. Some have been violent and most have been latently unintentional. Let’s take Barry O’Hanlon (Pat Nolan) for example, the ex-school teacher turned local journalist who’s currently serving a 20-year jail term for accidentally killing his friend Sarah O’Leary (Gemma Doorly) in a freak accident involving a door, circa 2011.

Unfortunately for Barry, Denzo Bishop saw the whole thing... While he initially came across as helpful, aiding Barry to dispose of the body, Denzo then proceeded to make O’Hanlon’s life something of a misery; as if it wasn’t miserable enough, what with him being accused of paedophilia, not to mention being responsible for yet another accidental death in 2007.

Barry, under the influence of many tipples, ploughed into Gina Cassidy (Deirdre Lawless) during her wedding to Ray O’Connell (Mick Nolan), leaving her dead in a motorbike sidecar outside the church.

8. Max Clayton


christy phelan heart attack.jpg
Christy Phelan (Tom Hopkins) had a heart attack as Max Clayton (Rory Nolan) watched. Fair City, RTE

Doting husband, Max (Rory Nolan), may not have killed his father-in-law with his own bare hands, but he didn’t exactly lift a digit to help poor Christy Phelan (Tom Hopkins) as he lay there, lying on his living-room floor in the throes of a heart attack back in 2014.

Hey, let’s not forget that complete inaction is where Coronation Street’s serial killer Pat Phelan first started: he got his initial kicks from watching Les Dennis die from a lengthy heart attack at the Calcutta Street builders’ yard.

7. Bill Taylor


Rebecca Smith as Annette during her time in Fair City

Best known for playing Johnathon in RTE’s Bosco, Jonathan Ryan also played sordid sort Bill Taylor in Fair City in the late Noughties.

His raison d’etre in 2009 was to extract as much money as possible from local residents while terrorising his own beleaguered ex-wife Annette Daly (Rebecca Smith). Taylor later died from injuries sustained in a fireball while murdering his wife.

6. Harry Molloy


hfPL5897291Fair City1Tuesd.jpg
Fair City; Tuesday 15th March 05. Harry admits to killing Ross but begs Barry not report him to the police.

Harry Molloy (Paul Raynor) is the swarthiest man Carrigstown has ever known (including Niamh Brennan’s most recent fancy man, Marcus). So swarthy, in fact, it’s almost inconceivable that Wanye Molloy sprang from his loins. While Harry technically was never done for murder, he did leave young Ross O’Rourke for dead before going missing himself in 2005. Why did he beat Ross to death? Well, Harry was understandably overrun with grief-riddled rage since his three-year-old baby girl, Jessica, died from taking an ecstasy pill she found under her couch after a particularly eventful night involving her babysitters.

5. Paddy Bishop


hfmaxresdefault (9).jpg
Vivienne and Paddy Bishop on Fair City

Bit of an understatement regarding Andrew Connolly’s terrifying portrayal of Paddy Bishop in 2013.

For those of you who don’t recall, Paddy calmly and meticulously murdered his former cell-mate Connor in a bid to keep his family under the illusion that he was a victim of sex abuse.

In fact, Paddy had borrowed heavily from Connor’s childhood, adopting his story in order to manipulate Vivienne and the kids further. So, Paddy brought Connor into the woods, plied him with booze, and then quietly offed him.

4. Charlotte Bishop


hfPL20207671Fair City Eps .jpg
Fair City October 30th 2013 Charlotte Bishop (Martha Fitzpatrick)

Okay, so the youngest of the Bishop brood may not be accustomed to donning disguises, but she is still hiding in plain sight. Arguably a murderer by default, she was the one person man enough to stand up to her menacing father, Paddy, who had his entire family in a state of terror since his return to Carrigstown in 2013.

After threatening to kill her mother, and terrorising brothers Decco, Denzo and Zumo to the point of paralysis, young Charlotte engaged in a tussle with her father, resulting in him being stabbed. Understandably, they hardly rushed to help him as he lay bleeding across their Bishops’ now infamous cream couch.

3. Marty Halpin



This storyline struck a chord with many in 2003 and obviously still resonates strongly with viewers today: Tess Halpin was killed by her husband Marty after years of domestic abuse.

They were Damien, Laura and Mark’s parents. His parents’ relationship has left a lasting impression on Damien in particular, what with him being the eldest in the family and suffering domestic abuse himself at the hands of his ex-wife Suzanne Halpin.

Damien has also shown a vicious streak, being pushed to the brink over his fractured relationship with Caoimhe, the mother of his only child, Saoirse.

2. Lorcan Foley


Soap 1 (1).jpg
Lorcan did away with Irish soap baddie Billy Meehan in 2001

Carol Foley’s son didn’t mow down Billy Meehan with a car in 2001, rather he clubbed his mother’s keeper to death using a driver.

Clumsy golfing references aside, this was one of Carrigstown’s more grisly deaths, made all the more harrowing by the fact that Lorcan Foley (Killian O’Sullivan) was shot and killed by undercover guard Rory Goff in 2006, who Carol was bedding at the time (he was using her for information).

Will poor ‘Cardle’ ever catch a break? Not only has she been mentally and physically abused by most of the men in her life, she also lost her baby after her fiance Billy threw her down the stairs, and all while he was running a prostitution ring behind her back. Then, one of the few men to ever

defend Carol, her own son, was gunned down in his prime during a drugs run. Soapland can be so cruel sometimes.

1. Lana Dowling’s Killer


lana and leo in happier times.jpg
Lana and Leo in happier times. Fair City, RTE One

Seriously, who killed Leo’s Russian bride, Lana? We’re still none the wiser. We know Mrs Dowling (Tatianna Ouliankina) was kidnapped after a shopping trip in 2007 and was missing for approximately a year before local crime lord, Mick Mahoney, managed to locate her decomposing remains up in the Dublin Mountains. Someone had given him the location of the body, but who?

Then, he brought a gibbering Leo to view the body, because Mick’s sound like that. But was it him that murdered Lana? Answers on a postcard, please!

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