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Michael O'Doherty: Good old RTE spends our money teaching managers to manage


The RTE building in Montrose

The RTE building in Montrose

The RTE building in Montrose

With RTE apparently set to declare last year losses of €20m, management has decided to take the bull by the horns and confront the crisis head-on.

That's right - they're paying a company to give their staff "inclusion and diversity" training.

Only in the corridors of Montrose could bosses decide that the best way to spend rapidly diminishing resources is to throw a small fortune at consultants to help staff appreciate the multi-cultural and diverse nature of modern Irish society.

Despite being well-educated and talented individuals, RTE staff obviously do not already appreicate these finer points.

So the outcome of this training, apparently, is that the national broadcaster "reflects the lives, experiences and stories of all the communities on the island".

What's more, it will "support management and staff to enable them to carry out their daily responsibilities".

A cynic might, of course, respond in two ways. First, if RTE wants to reflect modern Ireland, why does it need consultants to point out the blindingly obvious fact that it employs a very small number of black or non-national TV or radio presenters?

Second, instead of paying consultants to round up its 1,800 staff and lecture them about the obvious, why don't they get them to perform a much more pressing task?

Namely, take management out for the day, and teach them how to run a company.

But that would be too obvious.

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