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Love/Hate actress found out about role two weeks before filming

Talk about cutting it fine.

Love/ Hate actress Mary Murray discovered she would be appearing in the fifth series of RTE's  gangland series just two weeks before filming began. 

“I was completely in the dark until a week or two beforehand. It was very close to the wire,” she told the Irish Independent.

The actress who plays the part of brothel madam Janet says receiving the scripts can be a daunting process.

“You don’t know if you’re going to be in it for the long haul or killed off within the first three seconds.

It’s very nerve wracking reading through those scripts. You can’t get complacent because you never know whose going to get shot in the head next.”

Murray works part time as a drama teacher and was delighted when one of her students Lewis Harris landed the part of Janet’s son Aaron in the series.   

“I made the suggestion and was delighted when he got the part. He’s a fantastic actor,” she said. The 17 year old actor briefly appeared in the first series and was blown away by the reaction he received online.

“I got over 400 friend requests on Facebook after I was on the show. I thought my phone was going to explode,” Harris said.

“The next day when I went into assembly my headmaster mentioned it and all my mates were chanting my name it was mad.”

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