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Love Island: Why do people think Paige should have left with Jacques? Plus, Adam picks in tonight's recoupling...


Jacques O’Neill left Love Island on Monday night. Photo: ITV

Jacques O’Neill left Love Island on Monday night. Photo: ITV

Jacques O’Neill left Love Island on Monday night. Photo: ITV

When I say "people", I'm mostly referring to Luca. There he was on Tuesday night's episode, thoroughly AGHAST at the fact Jacques was leaving the villa "alone." Luca even went so far as to say he would've left with Jacques himself only he had to stick around for Gemma (coupled with possibly future lucrative sponsorships, plus the joy of getting paid for lounging around a villa for weeks on end).

But I digress; we're here to discuss Paige not accompanying Jacques after he decided to leave the show and the ridiculous expectation that he would have company en route out the door. Twitter was also applying the pressure, with that well-aired Theo meme doing the rounds.

The question is this; WHY would Paige leave with Jacques after he acted the complete goat? Let's count the ways, shall we? And before anyone starts lamenting, "Leave him alone, he was devastated!" I agree, he was exceedingly upset leaving and it was equally hard to watch someone so distraught. However, in order for Jacques to appreciate accountability for his actions, maybe one of the girls he treated as disposable shouldn't leave with him hand-in-hand?

A reminder of Jacques' aired behaviour...

1. The first morning he spent in the villa, Jacques asked why the girls weren't in the kitchen because he wanted breakfast. But that's just "baaaahntah", innit.

2. He kept telling the boys that Paige was "smitten already, I can see it in her eyes."

3. He farmed Paige out to Jay without even discussing it with her first. It was Luca who intimated he should let Paige know, to which Jacques said "Wha', do I have to tell her?"

4. When Paige started getting to know Jay, Jacques suddenly decided he was really into her. So much so, he got her out of bed in the middle of the night to inform her of the fact.

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5. After "opening up" to her the previous night, Jacques went 2.0 when Paige didn't immediately accompany him to the pool when summonsed. Why didn't she? Because Jay (who Jacques effectively lent her out to) engaged her in conversation in the kitchen and, given they were sharing a bed courtesy of Jacques, Paige didn't want to be rude to Jay so they conversed. When she subsequently headed over to Jacques, he had a hissier of epic proportions. Seemingly, in certain circles, if a man "opens up" to a woman, the latter should exist in a perpetual stasis of servitude and gratitude.

6. Jacques made a point of disparaging Paige when she was honest about her feelings after the Heart Rate challenge (his went up for ex-girlfriend Gemma Owen instead of her). He said she was "sulking", and "pathetic" before telling her to "f*** off." Then, he admitted his heart rate went up because he was having flashbacks of engaging in sex with Gemma.

7. Then, there was Casa Amor, where Jacques joyously declared "Paige who?", hoisted Molly around the pool with his tongue literally hanging, before getting visibly aroused by Cheyanne the following day in that same pool.

8. He might as well have whistled or clicked his fingers at Paige after he found out Adam called him immature, before actually telling Billy to "f*** off" so he could speak with Paige in private.

9. He wore a vest to the Hideaway. A vest.

10. When Paige came back from Casa Amor, and his antics were exposed, Jacques didn't once apologise. Instead, he tried to make it all Paige's problem, saying "If you can't accept it then, that's it." He also dropped this humdinger...

To quote Paige's family since Jacques's departure; she "has no obligation to follow" him – even if he didn't do all the aforementioned. But he did. And you live with your choices. The thing is though, with Adam choosing to couple up with Paige in tonight's episode, it could be a serious case of out of the frying pan and into the fire for the Welsh lass.

As for the other recouplings...

Everyone just coupled up with whoever they were coupled up with prior to Casa, leaving the poor sods they revenge-coupled up with resorting to each other. Josh chose Summer, leaving Deji to try invoke reasons he chose Coco when she was the last girl standing. He actually said "we share similar interests" before I had to mute proceedings.

Billy, after being friend zoned by Tasha, suddenly decided he was into Danica.

As part of his speech, when coupling up with Indiyah, Dami said: "Let's get back in bed again and see if any salons open this time." He also said – in all seriousness – that "being apart from her is unbearable", eliciting the expected valid responses via Twitter

In other happenings...

There was a challenge, but it wasn't the Twitter challenge. Or the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge. Also, it's that time of the series where someone asks someone else to be their girlfriend/boyfriend, which always involves a cheesy scavenger hunt around the villa, culminating in a buttock-clenchingly cringe speech by the firepit. This year, it was Tasha and Andrew, much to Twitter's collective joy.

Luca told Gemma he loved her. And she mumbled it back. Either way, Luca is one step closer to meeting Michael Owen. Plus there's the cash prize. Bonus.

Tonight's protracted show culminated in the usual flurry of texts regaling the three girls and boys with the fewest votes cast by the public. Those are Summer, Coco, and Tasha, plus Deji, Josh, and Andrew. Needless to say, there was a cliffhanger. On the upside, come tomorrow night, none of us (least of all Coco) will be subjected to this level of weirdness again...

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